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Kalisto Entertainment SA
Incorporated company
IndustryInteractive entertainment
Founded1990-10-? (Atreid Concept SA)[1]
1995 (Mindscape Bordeaux SA)
1996 (Kalisto Entertainment SA)
2000-06-? (Kalisto Entertainment USA Inc.)
Key people
Nicolas Gaume, founder & CEO
Number of employees
~350 in 2001

Kalisto Entertainment was a French video game development company founded by Nicolas Gaume at age 19.

The company began as Atreid Concept in 1990 and later created the distribution label Kalisto in 1992, which became Kalisto Entertainment's namesake. In late 1993 Atreid Concept became part of Mindscape Inc. as Mindscape Bordeaux. Nicolas Gaume later bought Mindscape Bordeaux back in 1996, and renamed the company Kalisto Entertainment.[2]

Kalisto Entertainment declared bankruptcy in 2002 (same time as the Dot-com bubble), and company officials were found without fault by a criminal court in 2006. Civil trials are still under way. Nicolas Gaume was condemned to pay 200,000 euros by the French Stock Market Authority for repeated misinformation of his stockholders.[citation needed]




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