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This article is about the district of Cologne. For other uses, see Kalk.
8th District of Cologne
Kalker Hauptstraße
Kalker Hauptstraße
Location of Kalk shown in red
Location of Kalk shown in red
Country Germany
Federal state North Rhine-Westphalia
City Cologne (Köln)
 • Total 38.2 km2 (14.7 sq mi)
Population (December 2009)
 • Total 109,045
 • Density 2,852/km2 (7,390/sq mi)
district town hall
Vingst Veedel

Kalk (German: Köln-Kalk [ˈkʰœln ˈkʰalkʰ], Colognian: Kallek [ˈkʰaɫək] or [kaɫːk]) is the Eighth city district or Stadtbezirk of Cologne, Germany. Kalk was merged into the city of Cologne in 1910, the district was formed in 1975.

The district of Kalk borders with Mülheim to the North, Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis to the East, the Cologne borough of Porz to the South and Deutz to the West.



Kalk consists of nine Stadtteile (city parts):

# City part Population (2009) Area (km²) Pop. per km² map
801 Humboldt/Gremberg 14,835 2,82 5,258 District map of Kalk
802 Kalk 21,192 2,97 7,128
803 Vingst 11,558 1,12 10,315
804 Höhenberg 11,936 2,20 5,436
805 Ostheim 10,720 3,75 2,862
806 Merheim 9,540 3,81 2,507
807 Brück 9,734 7,51 1,297
808 Rath/Heumar 10,957 13,1 837
909 Neubrück 8,573 1,10 7,806
source: Die Kölner Stadtteile in Zahlen 2010 (German)


The Kaiserin-Theophanu-Schule is located in Kalk.[1]

The Japanische Schule Köln e.V. (ケルン日本語補習授業校 Kerun Nihongo Hoshū Jugyō Kō), a Japanese weekend school, holds its classes in the Kaiserin-Theophanu-Schule. It began holding classes there as of 20 August 2009.[2]


Main article: Transport in Cologne

Kalk is served by numerous railway stations and highways. Train stations include Köln-Trimbornstraße and numerous light rail stations of Cologne Stadtbahn line 1 and 9. The Bundesautobahn 3 and 4 connect Kalk with the Cologne Beltway.


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Coordinates: 50°56′09″N 7°01′07″E / 50.9358°N 7.0186°E / 50.9358; 7.0186