Kalles Fraktaler

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Kalles Fraktaler
GUI Kalle's Fraktaler2.png
Original author(s)Karl Runmo
Stable release
Size1.03 MiB
Available in1 languages
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TypeFractal-generating software
Image generated using Kalles Fraktaler 2+

Kalles Fraktaler is a free Windows-based fractal zoom computer program used for zooming into fractals such as the Mandelbrot set and the Burning Ship fractal at very high speed, utilizing Perturbation and Series Approximation[1].


Kalles Fraktaler focuses on zooming into fractals. This is possible in the included fractal formulas such like the Mandelbrot set, Burning ship or so called "TheRedshiftRider" fractals. A lot of tweaks can visualize phenomenoms better or solve glitches concerning the calculation issues. Other functions are color seeds, slopes for showing iteration depths or entering location parameters in the complex plane. The via zooming reached location can be saved as a KFR file. The rendered image can be saved or be a part of zoom sequence, which can be later used for a fractal zoom video.


GUI of the fork.

The program got forked to Kalle's Fraktaler 2+ with additional functions. The newest release is from 2019-07-19 (status of 21st of July 2019). The license is AGPLv3+.[2]

Some additional functions are:

  • Gaussian Jitter
  • New calculation techniques
  • New fractal formulas


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