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Kalles kaviar

Kalles Kaviar is a Swedish brand of smörgåskaviar.


It is manufactured by Abba Seafood.[1] Kalles Kaviar is based on a recipe that is several hundred years old that originates from the Swedish west coast, and in particular from Lysekil. The product is mainly made of salted cod roe (gadus morhua), sugar, canola oil and spices. In French, this type of caviar is sometimes referred to as caviar de Lysekil. Other manufacturers of similar caviar are Öhnbergs Kaviar (often regarded as the connoisseur's alternative, and currently also owned by Abba Seafood) and Boviks kaviar.

Kalles Kaviar has been a commercial success in Sweden ever since its market launch there in 1954. It is internationally recognized as a Swedish product, since many IKEA furniture stores worldwide feature this product in their food markets.

The tube label has maintained the same design from the beginning, and depicts the son of then-CEO of the manufacturing company, Carl Ameln.[2] The tube design is well-recognized in Sweden and in Finland.

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