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Kalles kaviar

Kalles Kaviar (known as Kallen Mätitahna in Finland) is a Swedish brand of smörgåskaviar.

It is manufactured by Abba Seafood.[1] Kalles Kaviar is mainly made of salted cod roe (Gadus morhua), sugar, canola oil and spices. It was introduced in 1954, and soon became considered a classic product in the Swedish market, internationally recognised as a Swedish product.

The tube label has maintained the same design from the beginning, and depicts the son of the then-CEO of the manufacturing company, Carl Ameln.[2]

Until 2011 it was carried by IKEA in stores around the world. In the 21st century, the Swedish smörgåskaviar market has fractured, with each supermarket chain promoting its own brand.[3]


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