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"Kallo" is also a village in the Belgian municipality of Beveren.

Kallø is a brand name owned by Royal Wessanen, a Dutch company focused on organic foods. Its range is notable for containing the UK market leader of rice cracker, marketed as Kallø Rice Cakes.


Kallø has a history 250 years in the making. This company is based upon benefits of natural and organic products. They produce organic goods for the United Kingdom.[1] The marketing director of Kallø was Elaine Underwood, and she left the business in the year of 2012. She was replaced by Gill Hesketh. [2]


Kallø is most commonly known for its substantial range of organic foods. There is also a Kallø range of dehydrated stock cubes. The range is known for containing large quantities of organic cube flavours, containing no hydrogenated fats or directly added monosodium glutamate. The range contains additions for both vegans and vegetarians, as well as traditional meat flavoured cubes. Due to the fact that Kallø keeps their products natural and organic, they do not use artificial additives or MSG. They also use 100% wholegrain in their products.[3] The products that Kallo produces include the following:

  • rice cakes
  • stock pots
  • stock cubes
  • breadsticks
  • cereals[4]


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