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KVAB airport truck

Kalmar Verkstad AB (KVAB) was a Swedish train and automobile manufacturer in Kalmar, Sweden that made the Tjorven and Terminal. KVAB was founded in 1902 and closed 2005 by Bombardier.

History and products[edit]

KVAB's core business was trains, and they built all kinds of locomotives, trams, passenger cars, freight cars for both Swedish market and export.

In the mid-sixties, KVAB also produced small trucks, boats, parking decks and cars for road use. Tjorven was a small delivery van based on the DAF 44, Swedish Mail bought a lot of them for mail delivery.

Kalmar Terminal was a vehicle intended to be used for transporting goods in ports between ships and railway. One odd detail was that the door was located in the front. It had a V8 diesel engine, automatic gearbox, and semi-trailer coupling with built-in automatic air and electric connections. At the rear a forklift was mounted, so the truckdriver could load and unload goods from the trailer.