Kalmar nation, Uppsala

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Kalmar Nation
Uppsala University
Kalmar nation1.jpg
Location Svartmang. 3
732 12 Uppsala
Latin name Natio Calmariensis
Abbreviation N/A
Established 1663
Inspektor Anders Ahlén
Membership approx 1300
Website www.kalmarnation.se

Kalmar nation, Uppsala is one of the student nations of Uppsala University. It is named for the city of Kalmar.

Kalmar nation was founded in 1663 when the old Smålands nation split into two; Kalmar representing eastern Småland and the island of Öland, and Wexiö nation representing the west of Småland.

Kalmar nation currently has around 1,700 members and is considered a somewhat 'alternative' nation, focusing on live music, providing for vegetarian and vegan diets, and regularly hosting a LGBT night club.


Kalmar vapen.svg Kalmar nation

Coordinates: 59°51′32.468″N 17°37′37.45″E / 59.85901889°N 17.6270694°E / 59.85901889; 17.6270694