Kalná Roztoka

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Kalná Roztoka
Kalná Roztoka Cerkev2.jpg
Wooden church in Kalná Roztoka
Country Slovakia
Region Prešov
District Snina
Elevation 300 m (984 ft)
Coordinates 48°58′15″N 22°18′54″E / 48.97083°N 22.31500°E / 48.97083; 22.31500Coordinates: 48°58′15″N 22°18′54″E / 48.97083°N 22.31500°E / 48.97083; 22.31500
Area 22.759 km2 (8.79 sq mi)
Population 615
Density 27/km2 (70/sq mi)
Postal code 067 72
Area code +421-57
Car plate SV
Kalná Roztoka is located in Prešov Region
Kalná Roztoka
Location of Kalná Roztoka in the Prešov Region
Kalná Roztoka is located in Slovakia
Kalná Roztoka
Kalná Roztoka (Slovakia)
Wikimedia Commons: Kalná Roztoka

Kalná Roztoka is a village and municipality in Snina District in the Prešov Region of north-eastern Slovakia.


In historical records, the village was first mentioned around 1554 to 1568. In 1877, the villages of Kalná and Roztoka came together to form the current village.

The village is known for its wooden church, which dates back to the early-mid 18th century. The church is constructed of wood, but has white-washed clay plaster on the exterior walls, thus giving the appearance of a masonry building. It is the only Lemko Rusyn church of this sort.


The municipality lies at an altitude of 300 metres (980 ft) and covers an area of 22.759 km2 (8.787 sq mi). It has a population of about 615.

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