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Kaloi k'Agathoi is a theatre company specialising in Classical drama. It is based in Herefordshire and operates throughout the UK. The company stages original adaptations of Ancient Greek plays, and has developed an educational programme to promote and foster the teaching of Classical dramatic texts through drama. Improvisation is a key feature of Kaloi k'Agathoi performances, facilitating interactivity and enabling educational workshops to be tailored easily and effectively. In August 2009 Kaloi k'Agathoi performed their version of Agamemnon and Daedalus and Icarus for Three Choirs Plus, part of the Three Choirs Festival.

As well as working with a diversity of artists, Kaloi k'Agathoi places an emphasis on community involvement in order to introduce new audiences to Classical theatre: in January 2007 it became a registered Community Interest Company.

The name[edit]

Kaloi k'Agathoi is properly written in Ancient Greek (καλοι κ'αγαθοι), and is literally translated as "The Beautiful and the Good". The term is difficult to translate accurately, however, as it is the term used for ancient Athenian society, so "the Beautiful and the Good" could be said to lose this connoitation. Modern translations might be the "It-crowd" or "A-listers", but these too fail to convey the full meaning of the phrase as it would have been interpreted in Ancient Athens.


Ian Corder as Neoptolemus and John Crichton as Philoctetes in Kaloi k'Agathoi's 2006 production of Sophocles' Philoctetes.

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