Kaloorkot Tehsil

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تحصِيل كلُوركوٹ
Kaloor kot
Kallur kot Tehsil
Nameplate of 100 years old Kallur Kot Station under the lamp
Nameplate of 100 years old Kallur Kot Station under the lamp
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
District Bhakkar District
Towns 1
Union Councils 10
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+6)

Kallur kot Tehsil (Urdu: تحصِيل كلُوركوٹ‎), is a Tehsil of Bhakkar District in Punjab, Pakistan. The city of Kallurkot is the headquarters of Kallurkot Tehsil an administrative subdivision of the district. [1]

Kallur Kot Town (Kallur Kot Town) is a populated place (class P - Populated Place) in Punjab, Pakistan (Asia) with the region font code of Asia/Pacific. It is located at an elevation of 187 meters above sea level and its population amounts to 25,574. Kallur Kot Town is also known as Kallur Kot Town, Kalur Kot, Kalūr Kot It is located at 31˚37’60N 71˚4’0E at an elevation of 187 metres and lies on the left bank of the Indus river. It has a population of almost 1278000 and was given status of district in 1982.


The tehsil of Kallurkot is administratively subdivided into 10 Union Councils, these are: [2]


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