Kaloyanovo, Plovdiv Province

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Coordinates: 42°21′00″N 24°44′00″E / 42.35000001°N 24.7333333433°E / 42.35000001; 24.7333333433 Kaloyanovo (Bulgarian: Калояново) is a village in southern Bulgaria, and the administrative center of the Kaloyanovo Municipality in the Plovdiv Province. As of 2009 it has 2,672 inhabitants. The village is situated in an agricultural region and is close to the spa resort Hisarya.

The population is entirely ethnic Bulgarian. However, the locals follow the two major mainstreams of Christianity: there are 1,600 Bulgarian Orthodox and 1,100 Roman Catholic Christians. Kaloyanovo has both a Bulgarian Orthodox, built in 1845, and a Gothic Revival Roman Catholic church. Some of the Orthodox population descends from Bulgarian refugees from Greek Macedonia and more precisely Gorno Frashtani (today Oreini, Serres).

Kaloyanovo is the site of Dracon Race Track, Bulgaria's first automobile race track.