Kalpana (company)

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Kalpana (company)
Industry Computer networking
Fate Acquired by Cisco Systems
Founded United States
Founder Vinod Bhardwaj, Larry Blair
Headquarters United States
Parent Cisco Systems

Kalpana, a computer-networking equipment manufacturer located in Silicon Valley,[1] operated during the 1980s and 1990s. Its co-founders, Vinod Bhardwaj, an entrepreneur of Indian origin,[2][3] and Larry Blair[4] named the company after Bhardwaj's wife, Kalpana, whose name means "imagination" in Sanskrit.[4]

Kalpana is considered[by whom?] the inventor of Ethernet switching,[1] as the company became the first to introduce the concept of a multi-port network switch with its seven-port EtherSwitch[5] in 1989.[6][7]

Kalpana also invented EtherChannel, a technology which provides additional inter-switch bandwidth by running several links in parallel. Cisco Systems acquired Kalpana in 1994.[1]


Kalpana EtherSwitch EPS-1500, one of the very first Ethernet switches.
Kalpana EtherSwitch specifications[8]
EPS-700 EPS-1500
max. Ports AUI 10 Mbit/s 15× AUI 10 Mbit/s
Forwarding method cut-through ("on the fly") packet switching
Throughput 30 Mbit/s 70 Mbit/s
Latency 40 µs
Buffer 256 packets


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