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Kalsian is a small village located in Sheikhupura District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 32°4'0N 73°52'0E[1] and lies about 30 km North-West of Sheikhupura city. The name Kalsian is originated from kala shiin, which was taken from the early days of its settlement by its founders. When settlers from other parts of sub-continent came to this part to lay their footprints, they had a black panther in their neighbourhood jungle and afterwards they named the place kala shiin and then it kept on changing and lastly had Kalsian in the registries of Government books. Another theory regarding the origin of the name Kalsian is that at the time of settling the forefathers found here black mud which was in Punjabi pronounced as KALI Seehn that afterwards changed to kalsian.

Kalsian had played an important part in the geographical politics and agriculture fields.

Notable people[edit]

  • Chaudhry Mohammad Columbus Khan Advocate M.A., LLB.is a well known social worker belong to Kalsian.
  • Irshadullah Bhatti is a famous person from this village who has, throughout his life, contributed his time and fortune for the development and progress of the surrounding region. This used to be the part of District Sheikhupura until the Government partitioned District Sheikhupura into two districts and made the new district (Nankana) available for those politicians to treat it as they would wish.

Unfortunately this led to abrupt political unbalance and strikes against Govt. of the Punjab.

  • Asif Ullah Bhatti is the well-known and leading personality in this village who served his life for the mankind.
  • Ahmad Yar Bhatti is also a well-known person in Kalsian. He is also a leading personality of this village. He belongs to Rahan family.
  • Kaleemullah, who is also well known in this village, who led several peaceful strikes.
  • Hayat Muhammad a Punjabi poet 1905–1995 The book "Hayat Muhammad diaN sachiaN gallaN" was in 1972 by Bukhat Buland Publications published.

Coordinates: 32°04′N 73°52′E / 32.067°N 73.867°E / 32.067; 73.867


Asif Ullah Bhatti is the one of the leading and well-known personality in this village.