Kalteva torni

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Kalteva torni
Kalteva torni.jpg
Directed by Timo Koivusalo
Produced by Timo Koivusalo
Written by Timo Koivusalo
Starring Martti Suosalo
Liisa Kuoppamäki
Mats Långbacka
Mika Räinä
Risto Salmi
Seela Sella
Laura Jurkka
Distributed by Artista-Filmi Oy
Release date
20 October 2006
Running time
96 minutes
Country Finland
Language Finnish

Kalteva Torni (English: The Leaning Tower), is a 2006 Finnish comedy film, directed by Timo Koivusalo. It was premiered in Finland on 20 October 2006.

The leading roles are played by Martti Suosalo, Seela Sella, Liisa Kuoppamäki, Siiri Suosalo, Esko Nikkari, Mats Långbacka, Laura Jurkka, Jemina Sillanpää and Risto Salmi.

It is the story of a benevolent man who does not know he has multiple personalities. His greatest fear is that he will not be able to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa before it falls. His adventures lead him into tricky situations and, eventually, he does see it.

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