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The Kalutara Chaitya is a Stupa (buddhist shrine) located south of the Kalutara Bridge in the Kalutara District of Sri Lanka. It is the world's only hollow Buddhist stupa shrine and its interior contains 74 murals, each depicting a different aspect of the Buddha's life.[1] Four small chaityas (stupas) are located inside the larger hollow stupa and on the walls of the larger stupa, scenes from Jataka tales are painted. Visitors can walk inside the Kalutara Chaitya to worship and to look at the statues and wall paintings of the stories of Lord Buddha. This large concrete dome shell structure was designed by Dr. A. N. S. Kulasinghe of the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka. The Architectural consultant was Dr. Justin Samarasekara. It was the first hemispherical thin shell build in the country.[2] Kalutara Bodhiya, one of 32 saplings of the sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and several other Buddhist shrines are located in close proximity to this stupa.

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