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Kalvøyafestivalen 1984.
Photo: Bjarte Hetland

Kalvøyafestivalen was a music festival arranged at Kalvøya in Bærum nearby Oslo. The festival was initiated by people connected to the folk club Hades at the art center on Høvikodden. The festival was started by Sten Randers Fredriksen in 1971. The festival was officially closed in 1998 because the festival manager Paul Karlsen mised to get the right headliners for the festival.

The breakthrough for the festival was in 1973 when a long-haired and flared pants dressed Frank Zappa distorted his guitar on the natural gem outside Sandvika. Other major international artists include among others Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Bob Geldof, Rage Against the Machine, U2 (1983), Nirvana (1992), Neil Young, Chicago, Bad Religion, Pearl Jam (1993), Jackson Browne, Violent Femmes, David Bowie (1997), Steeleye Span, The Ramones, Soundgarden, Faith No More a.o.

Nirvana joined up with the relatively unknown Teenage Fanclubto at the festival in 1992. Pearl Jam were going to play in 1992, but had to cancel. They showed up the following year at the festival.


1998: Kalvøya festival to be held on August 15–16, was canceled when they did not get the right artists.[4]

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