Kalvithanthai Haji. S.M.S. Shaik Jalaludeen

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Kalvithanthai Haji. S.M.S. Shaik Jalaludeen
Shaik Jalaludeen

(1920-01-28)January 28, 1920
Adirampattinam, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu
Died(1986-10-02)October 2, 1986
OccupationFounder Secretary
  • Muhammed Abul Hassan Maraikayar (father)

S.M.S.Shaik Jalaludeen was commonly known as "Kalvithanthai" Haji S.M.S. Shaik Jalaludeen (28 January 1920 - 02 October 1986) was the founder secretary of Khadir Mohideen College, in Adirampattinam, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.

Early life[edit]

Shaik Jalaludeen was the only son of the former chairman of Adirampattinam, Muhammed Abul Hassan Maraikayar. He began his formal education at Aaravamutha Ayyangar Middle School in Adirampattinam, a poor fishing village. While attending high school in Pattukkottai, he and a schoolmate had to travel a considerable distance by automobile, and sometimes on foot. They discussed their hope that, in the future, students from their town would not be so inconvenienced. In March, 1937, Jalaludeen stated that, once he had an income, he would establish a high school.[1] Rajamadam Kannan Iyengar was one of his classmates.[2]

Career as an educator[edit]

After Indian independence, poor and minority students in small villages around Adirampattinam needed to travel far for schooling beyond primary education. Jalaludeen, seeing the difficulty for indigent students in having to travel in pursuit of higher studies, decided to make his hometown a local centre of higher education. In 1949 the waqf known as the M.K.N. Madurasa Trust, held about 1,500 acres of land in Adirampattinam for the purpose of providing minority students with religious education through madrasas.[3] The trust's land donation enabled Jalaludeen to found Khadir Mohideen Boys Higher Secondary School, named after the trust's founder and Jalaluddin's grandfather, Khadir Mohideen Marakayar.[4][3] The high school's rapid growth led Jalaludeen to found Khadir Mohideen College in 1955,[1][5], also in Adirampattinam. Finally, he started Khadir Mohideen Girls Higher Secondary School in 1982. His educational contributions earned him the moniker 'Kalvithanthai' (Father of Education) in Adirampattinam.[1][4]

Social Service[edit]

When he was the correspondent of Khadir Mohideen college, he donated 100 slates and slate pencils to poor students of the elementary school in the village.[6]


He died on 2 October 1986.


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