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Kalwania or Kalwana is gotra of Jats found in District Nagaur, Hanumangarh and Sikar in Rajasthan and Hisar in Haryana.


Villages in Sikar district with Kalwania people are -Bathot, Sihot Chhoti; Villages in Nagaur district are - Badgaon, Palot, Kalwa, Rajasthan; Dewan(Hisar)Ch.Kitab singh kalwania; Hisar (dewan) Ch.Risal singh kalwani ;Other villages where kalwania gotra is found are Daulatpur[hisar]; Villages in Hanumangarh district are - Sangaria; Nayan (Amarsar) district Jaipur; villages in Kurukshetra district (Haryana) are: Diwana, Adhoya etc. Kalwana Syal clans in Jhang Pakistan.