Kalyal Bhainsi

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Kalyal Bhainsi
Kalyal Bhainsi is located in Azad Kashmir
Kalyal Bhainsi
Kalyal Bhainsi
Coordinates: 33°10′31″N 73°51′05″E / 33.17528°N 73.85139°E / 33.17528; 73.85139Coordinates: 33°10′31″N 73°51′05″E / 33.17528°N 73.85139°E / 33.17528; 73.85139
Country  Pakistan
Province Azad Kashmir
 • Estimate () 4.528
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Kalyal Bhainsi is a village in Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.


According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, its population was 4,528.[1]


Like many villages in the Mirpur region, the village ends with suffix Bainsi, a tradition kept by the Bais Rajputs naming after the Baiswara. The Bais Rajput make up the bulk of the now thy called him (Bains Rajpoot) in kashmir speacially in mirpur azad kashmir and uk people.The large num of (Bains rajpoot ) faimly now in uk london etc. but some of them in plandri azad kashmir...They called him Bains rajpoot and they are also very brave and freedom fighter....Just they are brilliant on their way... Bains rajpoot family in India is thakur and in Pakistan the Muslim rajpoot called him Bains.... Kalyal Bainsi was the main territory from Peer Ghali to Paljura Town. Chaudhary Mohammad Alam was a namardhar in Kalyal Bainsi. He was a very popular figure during the Dogra Raj and after that. There were three namardhar in the village of Kalyal Bainsi. In all the Bainsi area, including the villages of Potha and Kakra, there was only one Primary School and Jammia Mosque which were both found in Kalyal Bainsi until the Dogra Raj. Chaudhary Kafiyat Ali was the only Pothwari in Kalyal Bainsi during the Dogra Raj. When the construction of Mangla Dam had begun Chaudhary Kafiyat Ali became a Taseeldar. He was a known figure in Mekmamal.