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Kalyan (IAST: Kalyāṇ) is one of the ten basic thaats of Hindustani music from the Indian subcontinent.[1] It is also the name of a raga (more popularly known as Yaman) within this thaat.[citation needed]


Kalyan thaat consists of an important group of evening ragas. Characterised by the teevra Madhyam, this thaat literally means good luck. Ragas of this thaat are considered to be a blessing-seeking and soothing. As a result, they are performed in the evening at the beginning of a concert. These ragas create a feeling of the unfolding of an evening.[citation needed]


The Kalyan thaat is huge and consists of many variations including ragas (but not restricted to) like Shuddha Kalyan, Shyam Kalyan, Yaman Kalyan, Anandi Kalyan, Khem Kalyan (Haunsdhwani + Yaman), Savani Kalyan etc.[citation needed]

Ragas in Kalyan Thaat: Yaman, Bhupali, Hindol, Kedar.[citation needed]


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