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Kalyan Varma
Kalyan Varma
Born (1980-01-13) 13 January 1980 (age 36)
Nationality Indian
Website http://www.kalyanvarma.net

Kalyan Varma (born January 13, 1980) is a Bangalore based wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He is one of the founders of Peepli project[1] and India Nature Watch. He currently freelances with the BBC Natural History and National Geographic Channel (India), and also works with grassroots NGO's to highlight environmental issues in India.

Earlier Life[edit]

Kalyan was born in Vizag and is currently settled in Bangalore. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineer from PES University. He worked in Yahoo as an application security expect for three years before shifting his career to wildlife photography in 2004. He was an active contributor for many open source projects.


He is also the founding member of the non-profit photo sharing site India Nature watch, one of the largest wildlife community portal in India. He is also one of the co-founders of the Peepli project - A slow journalism initiative. He actively works with non-profits like Nature Conservation Foundation and VGKK. He is an INK fellow and his talk on 'Free art is profitable' is highly popular on Youtube.[2] He was founder of Gorukana eco lodge one of the few community based eco-tourism ventures in India.

Wildlife documentaries[edit]

Over the years Kalyan has worked with various wildlife documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic Channel. Some of the films are listed below


  • 2015 Mans World - Man of the year[6]
  • 2015 Por el Planeta - First place in Animal Behaviour [7]
  • 2015 Asferico international nature photography contest [8]
  • 2013 NHM photographer of the year - Biological Realms [9]
  • 2005 Sanctuary wildlife photography of the year

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