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Kalyi Jag performing in Warzaw in 2010

Kalyi Jag (Romani for "Black Fire") is a Hungarian Romani folk music group.

The group was founded in Budapest by Vlach Roma members who originated from the Szatmár county.[1][2][1] It had roots in the Táncház movement. They were named Young Masters of Folk Art in 1979.[3] The first album was released in 1987 and became a success.[3]

The music is based on traditional Romani music, primarily Vlach Roma music, with some modernization in the interpretations and the group has included instruments as the guitar and the mandolin.[2]

Their music style inspired other Romani groups in Hungary. The group is popular in the Roma population in Hungary and neighbouring countries and has held concerts in many European countries.[2]

Early members were[1]

  • Gusztáv Varga
  • Ágnes Künstler
  • József Balogh
  • József Nagy


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