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Kam Man Food in Quincy, Massachusetts

Kam Man Food (traditional Chinese: 金門市場; simplified Chinese: 金门市场; pinyin: Jīnmēn Shìchǎng; Jyutping: gam1 mun4 si5 coeng4; abbreviated KM Food) is a Chinese supermarket chain based in Chinatown, New York City. While it has its main store in Manhattan (named "New Kam Man"), it also has locations in Quincy and Boston, Massachusetts, and Edison and East Hanover, New Jersey. A location in Staten Island, New York opened in 2005 and closed on October 1, 2006.

The first Chinese supermarket on the East Coast of the United States, Kam Man opened for business in 1972.[1] Its main store is located at 200 Canal Street, between Mott Street and Mulberry Street, and carries such Asian mainstays as meats and produce, noodles, sauces, frozen foods, ginseng and various herbs. It also has an entire floor dedicated to cooking utensils, Asian ceramics and loose teas.

Its store in Edison, New Jersey anchors a plaza that also includes a video rental shop, pharmacy, cell phone shop, travel agency, and a branch of the World Journal Bookstore.

Kam Man's expansion into Quincy, Massachusetts has been the subject of several articles on the growth of New England's Asian American community. Opened in 2003, the Quincy store anchors a mall that includes 40 shops.[2] Kam Man and other Asian-owned businesses are seen as filling a market space catering to affluent suburban Asian Americans unwilling to drive to traditional urban Chinatowns to shop.[3] The Quincy store is now the largest Asian supermarket in New England.[4]

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