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Industry Mobile games
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Area served
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Website www.kamagames.com

KamaGames is a global developer and a publisher of social casino hits designed for mobile, social networking services and smart TV’s. Bringing together creativity, proprietary technology and a passion for games, KamaGames has built a premium portfolio designed to deliver real-life entertainment to the masses.

The company's award-winning flagship game, Pokerist® Texas Poker, was named one of the Best Apps by Apple, #1 Top Grossing App on the Apple App Store in 89 countries as well as being in the Top 5 Google Play Grossing Apps in 24 countries. KamaGames' Random Number Generator (RNG) is certified by iTech Labs[1]and meets the highest standards to guarantee fair play.


KamaGames was founded in 2010 [2] and set out to focus on creating high-end and engaging social games for mobile and other web platforms. Their international headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, and they also have offices in London and Moscow, as well as development studios in Russia and Dubai. The company has marketing/business development operations in global markets including Europe, Middle East and other regions. The ability to provide full development and product operations cycle for mobile games and applications has allowed KamaGames to focus their efforts on the development of free-to-play social casino games that yield profits through in-game payments.

Pokerist® Texas Poker[edit]

Immediately recognising the growth potential of social casino games, KamaGames released the first version of their flagship game Pokerist® Texas Poker on iOS in April 2010 followed by Android [3] in June 2012. This was followed in April 201 by the release of the game on Facebook, Odnoklassniki.ru in December 2012, Yandex in February 2013, Amazon Store in April 2014, and Windows Phone in November 2014.


The popularity of this game led to the KamaGames expanding their portfolio of social casino products with the further release of Roulettist on iOS in April 2013. Based on the classic casino game of Roulette Roulette, players are able to choose the type of game they want to play, from the classic European Roulette, to the elegant French Roulette, or risky and “like-in-the-movies” American Roulette! The game was released on the Amazon Store on March 31st 2015 and Android Store in April 2013.

KamaGames expanded their portfolio of social casino titles with the release of Blackjackist, based on Blackjack, in 2016 and Baccarist, based on Baccarat, in 2017.

New updates[edit]

Through the ongoing development of a simple, yet attractive, interface across all their game titles, which allows players to perform multiple actions with a single tap, KamaGames strived to create a more thumb friendly mobile social casino experience for their players. In 2015, KamaGames introduced a shared in-game wallet that enabled players to use a single playing account across multiple platforms. This development allowed players to play any of KamaGames' social casino portfolio of games on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


In November 2016, the company announced their continued commitment [4]to using [Unity (game engine)| Unity Technology]], the leading games and experience creation platform. Part of the commitment involved the conversion of its titles from iOS and Android native apps to Unity 5[5]. This conversion will allow KamaGames to develop high performing and beautifully rendered 2D, and 3D gaming experiences as well as allowing us to add a range of new and improved features across their portfolio of social casino gaming titles. Utilising Unity's powerful games engine will allow KamaGames to add a range of new and improved features across their games portfolio which will include the introduction of global weekly player tournaments to bring their community even closer.

Manchester United[edit]

In 2015, KamaGames was the global official social casino partner of the leading English football club Manchester United. Catering to the club’s estimated 659m supporters worldwide, KamaGames developed mobile and online social casino games featuring the club’s branding, logo, imagery and themes. Manchester United Social Poker and Manchester United Social Roulette powered by KamaGames featured images of the club’s first-team players and gave fans of the club the opportunity to play and interact with other supporters around the world. The games were released on IOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, and Facebook.

Carmen Electra[edit]

In 2012, KamaGames signed a contract with Carmen Electra to endorse its flagship app – Pokerist® Texas Poker for one year. The television personality was featured in the app, icons, banners and a variety of promotional materials associated with the game. The contract was renewed in July 2014 until July 2016 once again placing Carmen at the forefront of advertising for Pokerist® Texas Poker.[6]


KamaGames announced their sponsorship of the Irish Olympic Handball Association (IOHA) national team for two seasons starting March 2017. The two-year sponsorship agreement will see KamaGames take over as lead sponsor [7]of the IOHA with the company’s logo and branding being displayed on all men’s, ladies and junior handball teams matchday and training kit.

Publishing programme[edit]

KamaGames introduced a publishing programme in June 2013 with a view to creating partnerships with developers of mobile games.[8] The Programme offered development studios a minimum investment of US $100,000 to fund the soft launch of their game, along with providing expertise, localisation and other support services.[9][10] This publishing programme was phased out in 2016.

Apple TV[edit]

Pokerist Texas Poker, from KamaGames, was among the first games released by Apple on their all-new Apple TV platform. The all-new tvOS operating system, which is itself based on Apple’s iOS, enables developers, like KamaGames, to create games specifically for the Apple TV platform. This highly immersive gaming innovation gives users unique social poker gameplay features which combine open and private tables, in-game messaging and multiple screen access during gameplay. All this combines to give users an amazing experience that will truly replicate that live Las Vegas feeling for each player.

Publishing partners[edit]

KamaGames have partnered with a number of publishers wherein a number of the company's social casino titles are made available on their publishing partners platform.

Tango Mobile[edit]

The first of these partnerships was with Tango Mobile Tango Mobile. Speaking on the partnership, Business Development Manager Kevin Egan commented “Tango has achieved huge growth over recent years. This growth matched with their user demographic and social gaming strategy makes them an ideal partner for KamaGames.’ In December 2016 KamaGames announced [11]that 3D Blackjack for Tango would join Pokerist® Texas Poker for Tango and Roulettist for Tango on Tango Mobile.


In September 2016 KamaGames announced a new partnership with leading mobile messaging service platforms, Viber. The deal made the innovative 3D Blackjack available to every one of Viber’s 664 million+ users, across 193 countries. Speaking about the deal KamaGames Dublin’s Managing Director Andrey Kuznetsov commented, “Viber’s reach and engaged communities in key markets of interest to KamaGames, has made this partnership a natural choice. This is another step in allowing more players to engage with our games and to further boost the KamaGames global footprint as we continue our worldwide expansion”.

Spil Games[edit]

In October 2016 KamaGames announced plans to release their portfolio of titles across the extensive Spil Games Spil GamesPortals. This new partnership will see KamaGames’ Pokerist® Texas Poker, become the first title to be made available across the Spil Games portfolio which reaches over 100 million active users across Europe every month. Kevin Egan, Business Development Manager for KamaGames said “We are very proud to be announcing our partnership with such a fantastic partner. 2016 has been a significant year of growth for KamaGames and this agreement with Spil is in-line with our strategy to increase the distribution and accessibility of our games through selected and targeted partnerships”.

Poker Night in America[edit]

In April 2017 KamaGames announced that they had agreed on an ongoing partnership with’ ‘Poker Night in America’, the high stakes, Poker TV Show hosted by Chris Hanson, that broadcasts Mondays & Sundays to 96 Million homes on the CBS Sports Network. The show also re-airs syndicated episodes on regional sports networks across the United States, reaching an additional 28 million homes in 27 states. The partnership will see the release of a standalone Poker Night in America app, developed and published under the KamaGames banner. Upon release, the app will be available to download from App Store and Google Play.


Title Year Status Description
Pokerist® Texas Poker 2010 Available

Pokerist® Texas Poker is a mobile and social media based game where players play poker with friends and other people online. The game was one of the first social casino[12] games released on Facebook. Players can't win real money or anything of value. They use virtual currency only. ”Pokerist® Texas Poker is a mobile and social media based game where players play poker with friends and other people online. The game was one of the first social casino[12] games released on Facebook. Players can't win real money or anything of value. They use virtual currency only.

Roulettist 2013 Available ”Roulettist” is a realistic game with 3D graphics in which players can find a roulette wheel to match any taste; European roulette [13]with three sectors, American roulette [14]with a double zero, or French roulette [15]with extra bets per sector.
Blackjackist 2015 Available KamaGames third social casino game. 3D Blackjack is a social casino game in which the users play Blackjack with friends and other people online. A shared in-game account

allows players to earn chips and achievements in Pokerist® Texas Poker and Roulettist that can be used at the same time. Players cannot win real money or anything of value. They use virtual currency only.

Baccarist 2017 Available In February 2017, KamaGames released “Baccarist” on iOS and Android. Baccarist [16] is based on the classic banking card game that is enjoyed on casino floors worldwide. Players cannot win real money or anything of value. They use virtual currency only.
Texas Poker 2016 Available Enjoy the best Texas Hold’em experience on mobile and other web platforms with Texas Poker from KamaGames. Challenge millions of other players from around the globe. Choose from different tables, stakes and experience levels. Players cannot win real money or anything of value. They use virtual currency only
Sea Battle Classic 2013 Available Place your ships, find an opponent on the Internet, local network or via Bluetooth, sink their ships before they sink yours and win!
Manchester United Social Poker 2015 Discontinued .
Manchester United Social Roulette 2015 Discontinued
Egg Punch 2 2013 Discontinued
Fantastic Fishies 2013 Discontinued

Awards and nominations[edit]

On August 8 2013 KamaGames was featured at number 14 in the SCi Power 25 Rating by Social Casino Intelligence. The SCi Power 25 Rating is compiled annually to distinguish industry leaders worldwide.[17]

Pokerist® Texas Poker was among the top three 2013 winners of the Opera Mobile Store[18] Top Apps Awards in the “Games” “Card” section.

The Best Mobile App Awards[19] recognised Pokerist Texas Poker as one of the best games of 2013 in their 2013 Overall Awards Platinum Award [20] in the card and casino category.

KamaGames was nominated for the Best Social Operator award for social gaming at the EGR Operator Awards [21] KamaGames was named Best Mobile Games Developer 2017 at the SoftTech International awards. SoftTech awards program highlights the most innovative firms throughout the industry that offers unique and versatile services to their customers.


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