Kama Chinen

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Kama Chinen
Kama Chinen.jpg
Kama Chinen on her 110th birthday
Native name 知念 カマ
Born 1895 May 10
Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Died 2010 May 2
(aged 114 years, 357 days)
Nanjō, Okinawa, Japan
Known for World's verified oldest person

{{Nihongo|Kama Chinen|知念 カマ|Chinen Kama, 1895 May 10 – 2010 May 2 was a Japanese supercentenarian, who, at the age of 114 years, 124 days, became the oldest validated living person when American supercentenarian Gertrude Baines (born 1894 April 6) died on 2009 September 11 .[1] She died on 2010 May 2, eight days before her 115th birthday. At the time of her death, she was the second oldest verified Japanese person ever (behind Tane Ikai) and the oldest verified person ever from Okinawa.

Health status[edit]

In September 2008, Chinen was reported to be in a wheelchair: "Though her daily activities required assistance, she enjoyed going outside in a wheelchair with a nurse," the ministry said.[2]


Chinen died at 4:40 PM on 2010 May 2 in Nanjō, Okinawa. She was 114 years and 357 days old. The death left Eugénie Blanchard as the oldest living person and Chiyono Hasegawa as the oldest living person in Japan.[3]

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