Kamakichi Kishinouye

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Kamakichi Kishinouye
Born 29 November 1867
Tōkai, Aichi, Japan
Died 22 November 1929
Sichuan, China
Nationality Japanese
Fields Marine biology, Cnidariology
Institutions Imperial University of Tokyo (Faculty of Agriculture)

Kamakichi Kishinouye (岸上 鎌吉?, Kishinoue Kamakichi, 29 November 1867 – 22 November 1929) was a Japanese fisheries biologist and cnidariologist and a professor of the Imperial University of Tokyo (Faculty of Agriculture) between 1908 and 1928. Kishinouye died in Chengtu of a sudden illness while on a collecting expedition to China.[1]

Kishinouye recommended Kumataro Ito to Hugh M. Smith as an artist on board the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries Steamer U.S.S. Albatross during the Philippine Expedition from 1907 to 1910.[2]


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He gave his name to the jellyfish genus Kishinouyea Mayer, 1910, with a preoccupied name. Kishinouyea has been also used by Yoshio Ôuchi to describe a praying mantis genus that he quickly renamed Kishinouyeum in 1938, and that could be a junior synonym for Phyllothelys.[4]

Kishinoella (with species Kishinoella rara (Kishinouye, 1915) and Kishinoella tonggol (Bleeker, 1851)) is a synonym genus name to describe Thunnus tonggol (Bleeker, 1851) (accepted name).

The epithet kishinouyei is used to refer to Kamakichi Kishinouye in species names.


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