Kamakurakōkōmae Station

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Kamakurakōkōmae Station
Kamakurakoukoumae-sta 01.jpg
Kamakurakōkōmae Station
Location Koshigoe 1-1-25, Kamakura, Kanagawa
Operated by Enoshima Electric Railway
Line(s) Enoshima Electric Railway
Opened 1903
Previous names Hisaka (until 1953)
Passengers (2008) 3143 daily

Kamakurakōkōmae Station (鎌倉高校前駅, Kamakurakōkōmae-eki) is a railway station on the Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden) located in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is 4.7 kilometers from the terminus of the Enoden at Fujisawa Station. Though small in size, it is known for its scenic beauty, as it commands an open view of the Pacific Ocean and Mount Fuji from the station platform.


Kamakurakōkōmae Station was opened on June 20, 1903 as Hisaka Station (日坂駅, Hisaka-eki). It was renamed to its present name on August 20, 1953. In 1997, it was selected as one of the "100 Top Stations in the Kantō Region" (関東の駅百選, Kantō no eki 100 sen) by a selection committee commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Transportation.


Station layout[edit]

Kamakurakōkōmae Station has a single side platform serving one track for bi-directional traffic. The station is unattended.


1  Enoshima Electric Railway For Kamakura or Fujisawa

Surrounding area[edit]

The station and its vicinity are often chosen for filming of TV dramas and commercials in Japan as symbolic of the Shōnan region. The neighbourhood is a serene residential area. A hit Japanese manga Slam Dunk has an episode based on this station under alias.

Adjacent stations[edit]

Enoshima Electric Railway Line
Koshigoe - Shichirigahama


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