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Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed.jpg
Ahmed in 2012
Background information
Native name
কামাল আহমেদ
Born (1965-09-09) 9 September 1965 (age 54)
Pabna, East Pakistan, Pakistan
GenresRabindra Sangeet
Occupation(s)Singer, administrator
InstrumentsVocal, harmonium, esraj, violin, guitar

Kamal Ahmed (born 9 September 1965)[1] is a Bangladeshi Rabindra Sangeet (also known as Tagore songs) singer.[2] He is currently serving as the director of programme at Bangladesh Betar.[3][4]

Early life[edit]

Ahmed was born in Pabna on 9 September 1965 to Kiam Uddin Biswas and Aziza Khatun. He has a son, Ahmed Rehnuma Prokriti, and a daughter, Ahmed Rezwan Protik.[citation needed]


After passing HSC examinations from Pabna Edward college in 1982, Ahmed got an opportunity to study soil science in Dhaka University. The chance to study at Dhajka was the turning point for him to be associated with Chhayanaut, a cultural organization committed to build up music talents, especially those of Tagore singers. There he came closure to veteran Tagore singers like Wahidul Haque, Sanjida Khatun, Ikhtiar Omar, Serajus Salekin and others. He received lessons on classical music as well from Ustad Phool Mohammad. In his student life at Dhaka University, he was one of the members of Board of Directors of the DUCSU Cultural Team. He represented the cultural troops of DUCSU to perform Tagore songs at Kolkata University and Kalyani University in India in the 1980s. He was elected "Cultural Secretary" of Hall Union and won as the champion of cultural week of Shahidullah Hall, Dhaka University.[citation needed]


Ahmed is the former adviser of "Rabindra Sangeet Shammilon Parishad". Current he serves as Secretary General of the "9th BCS Forum".[5][6]

Prior to beginning his career in the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS), Ahmed opted for the information cadre as his first choice, although he could have joined the administrative cadre. He joined Bangladesh Betar in 1991. To date, he has worked over 23 years in Bangladesh Betar and 3 years in Bangladesh Television. Having a master's degree from Dhaka University and professional training in mass communication, mass communication research, networking and programme development for electronic mass media, he is the current Director (Program) of Bangladesh Betar.[4][7][8][citation needed]

Many of Ahmed's albums are based on Tagore songs, and besides performing on stage[9][10][11] regularly on Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television, and different other satellite TV channels in the country, he has performed Tagore songs in India,[12] and Sri Lanka.

Ahmed performed Tagore Songs in India, Sri Lanka & Canada. He also performed at the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre Solo Program[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20]& the National Museum Solo Program[21][22][23][24][25] and the Rajshahi Betar Shilpee Shangstha Solo Program.[26][27][28][29][30]

Ahmed also released Music Video Titled : Bhulite Parina Take (Modern), Bhalobeshe Shakhi (Tagore)[31][32][33][34] Megh Rong (Modern)[35][36][37][38]

Ahmed has traveled in Canada,[39] Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia on Professional assignments.

Performances abroad[edit]

Ahmed performed at the 2017 Victory Day program in Canada.
Country Period Place
Canada 24 December 2017 Kennedy Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
Canada 16 December 2017 Mizan Complex Auditorium, Toronto, Canada
India 28 March 2017 On the Occasion of the Death Anniversary of Dhirendranath Dutta,

Agartala Press Club, Tripura, India.

India 27 March 2017 Maharaja Birbikram University, Agartala,Tripura, India.
India 26 March 2017 Bangladesh High Commission, Agartala,Tripura, India.
India 4 January 2017 All India Women's Congress, Kolkata.
India 2 January 2017 "Kolpotoru Mela"Razarhat, Kolkata.
India 1 January 2017 National Poetry Festival & Newtown Book Fair, Kolkata.
India 27 March 2016 Birla Academy of Arts & Culture, Kolkata
India 26 March 2016 Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata
Sri Lanka 17 & 26 March 2011 High Commission Hall Room, Bangladesh High Commission, Sri Lanka.
India 9-16 March 1989 Open Stage, Kolkata University Auditorium, Kolkata City

Open Stage, Kollyani University


Ahmed received FOBANA Award (2017)
Ahmed with his "Beer Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta Award"
  1. Bangobandhu Research Foundation Podok' in 2015.[40]
  2. SAARC Cultural Society Award[41]
  3. Adwaitia Mallabarman Award (2017), From Maharaja Beerbikram University, India.[42][43][44][45][46]
  4. Beer Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta Award (2017), From Agartala, Tripura, India.[47][48][49]
  5. FOBANA Award (2017), From Canada.[50][51][52][53][54][55][56]
  6. Rajshahi Betar Shilpee Shangstha Shammanona 2018.[57][58][59]
  7. Jatiya Rabindra Gobeshona & Charcha Kendra Shammanona 2019[60][61]


  • Shada Megher Bhela (2007) -Tagore Songs.[62]
  • Nana Ronger Dinguli (2008) -Tagore Songs.
  • Poth Chawatei Ananda (2009) -Tagore Songs.
  • Falguner Dine (2010) -Tagore Songs.[63]
  • Nishshobdo Charane (2011) -Tagore Songs. (Mixed Album)
  • Godhuli (2012) – A Tribute to Kishore Kumar.
  • Kan Pete Roi (2013) -Tagore Songs.
  • Bendechhi Amar Pran (2014) -Tagore Songs.[64]
  • Bhora Thak Smritishudhay (2015) -Tagore Songs.[65][66]
  • Oadhora (2016) - Basic Modern Songs.[67][68]
  • Gaaner Toree (2016) - Songs of three Poets.
  • Baluka Belay (2016)- A Tribute to Hemanta Mukherji
  • Nidrahara Rater Gan ( 2016) -Tagore Songs.
  • Durer Bondhu (2016) -Tagore Songs.[69]
  • Mohakabyer Kobi (2016)- A Tribute to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.[70]
  • Ekusher Sharalipi – Songs of Shaheed & International Mother Language Day[71][72][73][74]

Documentary film[edit]

Ahmed Dhonir has created a documentary film; Oagropothik is a documentary film made to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Bangladesh Betar.[75] The planning, research and direction of the film have all been done by Ahmed.[76]

The documentary highlights the contribution of Bangladesh Betar to the country and the people during the war of liberation in 1971. is highlighted in the documentary.[77]


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