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Kamal Patel
Kamal Patel researcher.jpg
OccupationResearcher, Nutrition Editor
Known forNutrition, Dietary supplements, Vitamin D guidelines

Kamal Patel is a nutrition researcher and the director of Examine.com.[1] Alongside co-founder Sol Orwell, he grew the Examine.com compendium of clinical trials on nutrition and supplements, with the goal of creating the “largest database” of supplements on the Internet.[2]


Patel attended Northwestern University, studying economics and communications while also organizing strongman contests.[3] He attended graduate school at Johns Hopkins University and Tufts University, studying public health, business, and nutrition.[4][5]


Patel was a co-author on systematic reviews used to inform the Institute of Medicine 2010 vitamin D guidelines,[6] which served as a basis for revised vitamin D guidelines in countries around the world.[7] Patel has also published research on genetic tests for cancer,[8] prostate cancer treatments,[9] fructose and liver health,[10] and other clinical and methodological topics.[11]

Patel has worked as a researcher at a federally-designated evidence-based practice center in meta-analysis and evidence synthesis[12] and served as program chair for the 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium.[13][14] He is a nutrition editor for the Journal of Evolution and Health.[15]

Patel is the director of Examine.com, coordinating the team of researchers and scientists in analyzing primary research on nutrients and supplements. Under Patel, the website has expanded from a focus on supplements and athletic performance to direct analysis of research studies.[16][17][18]


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