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Town and Tehsil
Kamalia is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 30°44′N 72°39′E / 30.733°N 72.650°E / 30.733; 72.650Coordinates: 30°44′N 72°39′E / 30.733°N 72.650°E / 30.733; 72.650
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
District Toba Tek Singh District
Sub-District (Tehsil) Kamalia Tehsil
Town Kamalia
Union Councils 13
 • Town and Tehsil 2,000,000,approximately including urban
 • Urban 257,820
Area code(s) 046
Website Town Municipal Administration Kamalia

Kamalia (Punjabi, Urdu:کمالیہ) is a city in the Toba Tek Singh District of the Punjab province of Pakistan.


In the 4th century, the ruler of this region was Raja Surcup, who had managed a boundary wall around his city. This fort was well known after the name of Raja Sarcup, a cruel and cunning ruler.[citation needed] Later the founded city was named after Kharal chief, Khan Kamal Khan Kharal, in the 14th Century and was, historically, known as "Kot Kamalia". During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, it was one of the sites of an uprising by the local people, who held it for a week. In 1901, Kamalia had a population of 6,976. Kamalia was historically part of the erstwhile district and tehsil of Montgomery (Sahiwal), Punjab. According to Cunningham, it was one of the towns taken by Alexander the Great in 325 BC.[1]