Kamar Mushani

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Kamar Mushani كمرمشانى
Town and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
District Mianwali District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Kamar Mushani (Urdu: كمرمشانى‎), is a town with four union councils, an administrative subdivision, of Mianwali District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is part of Isakhel Tehsil and is located at 32°50'38N 71°22'1E.[2]

It is one of the main towns of Mianwali, it has a population of about 70,000 and is located between Isakhel and Kalabagh. Kamar Mushani is surrounded by many small towns that include Makarwal, Sultan Khel, Trag, Isa Khel, Nasriwala, Chapri, Kot Chandna, Burzi Syedian Wali, Manda Khel and Kalabagh. It lies between the Bhangi Khel Salt Range in the west and the River Indus in the east. Kamar Mushani is famous for its trade and minerals. Pakistan no.1 Silica (Silicon) is extracted in Kamar Mushani and is supplied all over the country.

The name of village means in local language as the (Kamar)means bank of river because Mushani settled at Bank of Indus River. Mushan (Musa Khan) common Pashtun name (Chief of tribe). But there is difference in this theory because according to most of Kamri(who live in Kamar Mushani) that Kamar is the word of Hindko language that means The Bank Of River and the founder of Kamar Mushani was the Mushan Khan a Niazi Pashtoon tribe chief therefore the recent name of Kamar Mushani was originated because of this the meaning of Kamar Mushani is a bank of river property of Mushan. Kamar Mushani is far from the Bank of River of mainly hilly area so the word Kamar which is commonly used for hill is Pashtu language seems more correct


Coordinates: 32°50′38″N 71°22′1″E / 32.84389°N 71.36694°E / 32.84389; 71.36694