Kamares, Crete

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Kamares (Greek: Καμάρες) is a village in south-central Crete, Greece. It is the location of an archaeological site of a Minoan sacred cave.[1] The sacred cave at Kamares is slightly offset from a saddle in the Psiloriti Range virtually aligned with the location of nearby Phaistos.[2] Some of the best examples of Middle Minoan pottery have been recovered from the Kamares cave.[3] Kamares has provided the type name for Kamares ware, a ceramic type dating from MM IA, or the First Palace Period. This pottery is a light-on-dark polychrome ware, with forms including jugs and cups.

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Coordinates: 35°09′07″N 24°49′16″E / 35.152°N 24.821°E / 35.152; 24.821