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Kamarou Fassassi (October 10, 1948 – December 4, 2016) was a Beninese politician.[1]

Fassassi was born in Porto-Novo.[1] He was Director of the Cabinet of the President of the National Assembly of Benin, Adrien Houngbédji, from 1992 to 1995,[1][2] and he was elected to the National Assembly in the March 1995 parliamentary election.[1] When Mathieu Kérékou returned to the Presidency in 1996, Fassassi became Minister of Public Works and Transport, serving in that position until 1998.[1][2] He was again elected to the National Assembly as a candidate of the Democratic Renewal Party in the March 1999 parliamentary election,[3] but in 2000 he formed a new party, the Party of the Awakening of the Democrats of the New Generation (Parti du Réveil de Démocrates de la Nouvelle Génération, PRD-Nouvelle Génération), which supported the re-election of President Kérékou in the March 2001 presidential election.[1][2] In May 2001 he was appointed Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics,[1][2][4] serving until April 2006,[4] when Yayi Boni became President.

Fassassi was elected to the National Assembly as a candidate of the Union for Future Benin in the March 2003 parliamentary election.[5] In Copargo in January 2006, he announced that he would be the PRD-Nouvelle Génération's candidate in the March 2006 presidential election, saying that he wanted to defend Kérékou's legacy.[2] In the election, which Boni won, Fassassi took ninth place with 0.98% of the vote.

He died on December 04, 2016 at CNHU (national university hospital center).[6]


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