Kamassian language

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Native toRussia
Extinct1989, with the death of Klavdiya Plotnikova
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
xas – Kamassian & Koibal
zkb – Koibal

Kamassian is an extinct Samoyedic language, included by convention in the Southern group together with Mator and Selkup (although this does not constitute an actual subfamily). It had two dialects: Kamassian (also known as Kamas) and Koibal. The last native speaker of the Kamassian dialect, Klavdiya Plotnikova, died in 1989. Kamassian was spoken in Russia, north of the Sayan Mountains, by Kamasins.

The term Koibal is also used as the ethnonym for the Kamas people who shifted to the Turkic Khakas language; the modern Koibal people are mixed Samoyed–KhakasYeniseian.



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