Kamasutra (chocolate)

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Type Chocolate
Place of origin Romania
Created by Florin Balan
Main ingredients Chocolate
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Kamasutra is a Romanian chocolate shaped like kamasutra positions.[1] The Kamasutra chocolate was invented in 2007[2] by Florin Balan and distributed by the chocolate factory SC Pralin SRL at Cisnădie in Sibiu County. It is most often consumed in Romania during Saint Valentine day.[3] Chocolate Kamasutra was inspired by Khajurajo temple[4] and is available in four sizes 40g, 70g, 200g and 350g.[5] Kamasutra chocolates are being marketed as a mood enhancing gift for a partner. It is suggested by creators to be used as a romantic way of suggesting new sexual experiences which can lead to healthier relationship.[6]

A French chocolatier named Jacques Bockel also produces chocolates called kamasutra, starting in France in 2011 and available till this day.[7]

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