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Toyoko Inn headquarters in Kamata

Kamata (蒲田) is a district of Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. Features include the Kamata Station, Kamata High School, and the headquarters of Toyoko Inn.[1][2]


The name "Kamata" has been used to refer to the area since at least the 900s AD. Historically, the area was famous for Japanese apricots(ume).

Kamata was first linked to Tokyo by rail in 1901 with the opening of Kamata Station (now Keikyu Kamata Station) on the Keikyu Main Line. This was followed in 1904 by the opening of a separate Kamata Station on the Tokaido Line.

Kamata became a ward of Tokyo City in October 1932, incorporating the historical towns of Kamata, Yaguchi, Rokugo and Haneda. Kamata merged with the neighboring ward of Omori to form the ward (city) of Ota in March 1947.[3]

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Coordinates: 35°33′44.92″N 139°42′57.78″E / 35.5624778°N 139.7160500°E / 35.5624778; 139.7160500