Kamber Darbar

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Kamber Darbar Samadhi

The Kamber Darbar was founded in 1887. The darbar primarily houses the Samadhis of our Gurus, Sai Vilayatrai, Sai Jiwatsingh, and Sai Vishindas, in a very serene and peaceful environment.

Its purpose is JAP' (chanting) of "OM"; to live life as per Guru’s expectations; selfless Shewa (service) of others and to imbibe humility, love and care for all and kindness.

Diwali Mela[edit]

Some "Bhagats"(group of singers) came and voluntarily gave programme of the Darbar in Kambar in 1887 during Diwali Mela. From then on Sain Jiwat Singh concluded this to be the wish of Guru Wali Vilayvat rai and started to organise Mela during Diwali every year and all the devotees congregate and get the blessings of the Darbar Sahib during Diwali Mela.This tradition is still being continued.[citation needed]