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This articles is about a Bulgarian singer. For Romanian singer see Kamelia (Romanian singer).
Born (1971-01-10) 10 January 1971 (age 45)
Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria
Origin Bulgaria
Genres Pop, dance, rock, pop-folk/chalga
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Voice
Years active 1997-present
Labels Payner

Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova (born 10 January 1971), better known as Kamelia, is one of the biggest Chalga stars in Bulgaria. She started her career in the mid 1990s and released her first album in 1998.

Kamelia was born in Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria. She was discovered by Payner Music in 1997, the same year she signed a deal with Payner Studio. She was one of the first performers of the Chalga genre. Some of her most famous songs are: "Fire Girl", "Ti si", "Ti si vinoven", "Where Are You", "Zaleza i zorata" and "Luda po tebe".

Kamelia posed for Playboy in 2006, and again in 2008.



  • Ogan Momiche, 1998 (Fire Girl)
  • Zlatna Ribka, 1999 (Golden Fish)
  • Neshto Goreshto, 2002 (Something Hot)
  • Prezarejdane, 2003 (Reloading)
  • Ima Liubov, 2005 (There is Love)
  • Erotic, 2010
  • Proekt 13, 2010, (Project 13)

Video albums[edit]

  • Best video selection (2005)


  • Kade Si Ti, 2001 (Where Are You), Maxi Single
  • Prezarezhdane, 2004 (Recharging), Maxi Single
  • Single + Best Collection of 2006
  • " Ima Liubov " 2005 (There is love)
  • " Kak Da Te Zabravya " 2010 (How can I forget you?)


Kamelia participated every year in the national tour organized by Payner Music Planeta Derby from 2004-2009.

Concerts Beyond Limits
  • Macedonia, Greece, Texas, Spain, and Great Britain.

Best Hits[edit]

  • "Fire Girl"
  • "You Are"
  • "Crazy About You"
  • "No Joke"
  • "Why Did I Trust"
  • "Where Are You"
  • "You Want Me To Come Back", with Sakis Coucos.
  • "The Sunset and Sunrise"
  • "The Arrows Stop"
  • "You Are Guilty"
  • "Like A Living Wound"
  • "Come To Me"
  • "You Are In My Heart"
  • "There Is Love"
  • "Forbidden Zone"
  • "Kiss Me"
  • "Fake Skin"
  • "Orgasm"
  • "Forever"
  • "Nicotine"
  • "Black Blood"


  • 2001: Song of the year- "Why did I trust".
  • 2001: "The Golden Mustang" Award for the song and music video "Where are you" of the year voted by the viewers.
  • 2002: Best- selling album for "Golden Fish".
  • 2003: Award for the music video "The Sunrise and Sunset".
  • 2003: Song of the year "The Sunrise and Sunset".
  • 2003: Best female singer
  • 2004: Year Award for "Miss Planeta".
  • 2005: Awards for "The most attractive singer".
  • 2005: Award for "Original On-Stage Presence".
  • 2006: Special Award for "Tantra".
  • 2007: Award for "Most Artistic Presence" in a music video.
  • 2007: Award for the music video "Some Day".
  • 2007: The award for the 10th version of the song "Crazy About You".
  • 2008: Music Video of the year for the song "Fake Skin.
  • 2009: Award for "Original On- Stage Presence".
  • 2009: Music Video of the year for the song "Orgasm".

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