Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

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Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010
Japanese 仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー W(ダブル)&ディケイド MOVIE大戦2010
Hepburn Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Daburu Ando Dikeido Mūbī Taisen Nisenjū
Directed by Ryuta Tasaki
Produced by
Written by
Music by
Cinematography Koji Kurata
Edited by Hiroshi Sunaga
Distributed by Toei Co. Ltd
Release date
  • December 12, 2009 (2009-12-12)
Running time
  • 90 minutes
  • 99 minutes (Director's Cut)
Language Japanese

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 (仮面ライダー×仮面ライダーW(ダブル)&ディケイド MOVIE大戦2010, Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Daburu Ando Dikeido Mūbī Taisen Nisenjū) is the name given to the commercial promotion for the December 12, 2009, theatrical releases of the Kamen Rider Decade epilogue film, the Kamen Rider W prologue/flashback film, and a third film that exists as a crossover between the two and serves as the finale to Decade.[1]


Movie War 2010 is split into three parts. The Kamen Rider Decade portion of the film, written by Shōji Yonemura, is titled Kamen Rider Decade: The Last Story (仮面ライダーディケイド~完結編~, Kamen Raidā Dikeido ~Kanketsuhen~). It follows the series cliffhanger ending at the climax of the Rider War. The film is billed as the "True Ending" (本当の終わり, Hontō no Owari) and was originally subtitled Decade vs. All Riders (ディケイド対オールライダー, Dikeido Tai Ōru Raidā).[2]

The Kamen Rider W portion of the film, written by Riku Sanjo, is titled Kamen Rider W: Begins Night (仮面ライダーW(ダブル)~ビギンズナイト~, Kamen Raidā Daburu ~Biginzu Naito~), taking place between episodes 14 and 15 of Kamen Rider W, investigates the origins of Kamen Rider Double as briefly shown in the cold opening of the series' first episode, referred to in the series as the "Begins Night". The film is described as the "True Beginning" (本当の始まり, Hontō no Hajimari) and was originally subtitled Episode Zero (エピソードゼロ, Episōdo Zero).[2]

In the final portion of the film entitled Movie War 2010 (MOVIE大戦2010, Mūbī Taisen Nisenjū), a convergence of the two films that brings the casts and characters of Decade and W to finish the fight with Super Shocker together.

Decade: The Last Story[edit]

Accepting his fate as the destroyer of Worlds, Tsukasa has been fighting Kamen Riders, carding the search group of Skyrider, Super-1, and Kabuto, before running into a group of Riotroopers under Yusuke. Elsewhere, Daiki Kaito visits the Hikari Studio, convincing Natsumi to destroy Tsukasa's camera and photos, as they are only bittersweet memories of what used to be. By then, Decade's fight with Kamen Rider J enters their dimension as he uses Kamen Rider G4's Gigant and the Side Basshar to card J. Confronted by the Riotroopers, a young girl named Yuriko Misaki arrives and becomes Electro-Wave Human Tackle to take down the Riotroopers. She follows Tsukasa as he runs into Natsumi and Yusuke, who intends to stop Decade regardless of his injuries from the aftermath of Kamen Rider J's destruction. After explaining that he merely accepted his mission, Natsumi wants Tsukasa to remember who he was. However, Tsukasa throws his camera because he has no memories on Natsumi then fled. Natsumi feels powerless until Kivala arrives to remind Natsumi of Narutaki's words that only she can defeat Decade, offering her power to ensure it.

Meanwhile, in another part of this A.R. World, Eijiro Hikari visits a roadside food stand waiting for his friend "Ryu" when he is served a squid and a beer by Narutaki. This triggers a lost memory, resulting in his forced transformation into Super Doctor Shinigami. With Narutaki becoming Colonel Zol, he and Super Shinigami form Super Shocker from the remaining members of Dai-Shocker as they intend to take advantage of the dwindling number of Kamen Riders with the Neo Organism. Confronting Tsukasa at a warehouse, Daiki reveals that Yuriko was killed by Dai-Shocker's Bee Woman years ago, but Yuriko refuses to accept it as Kamen Riders Ryuki and Blade arrive. Using his Final Form Ride on Blade, Decade defeats Ryuki and then Blade as Yusuke arrives. Becoming Ultimate Kuuga, he battles Decade with the intent on killing him by becoming the Ultimate Kuuga Gouram to attempt a suicide attack before being defeated. Arriving, Natsumi uses Kivala to transform into Kamen Rider Kivala to fight Decade, only to be shocked when he allows her to run him through his Decadriver. He then gives Natsumi the Rider Cards, asking her to remember them before he dies.

Daiki arrives as he and Natsumi are teleported to Wataru Kurenai, who reveals that Decade's roles as the destroyer and the connector have been fulfilled, restoring all of the A.R. Worlds, stating that their "stories" have been restored because by Decade fighting and destroying them, he created memories that allowed their stories to continue. Natsumi asks about Tsukasa, Wataru says that Decade has no story and no longer has an existence as he served his purpose. Natsumi and Daiki return to her reality and decide to try to bring Tsukasa back, only that Tsukasa never took a picture of himself. But when Natsumi remembers the photo she took of Tsukasa, they try to find his camera when Super Shocker arrives to bring Natsumi to Super Shinigami; Daiki and Yusuke hold off the Army to allow Natsumi to find the camera before being ambushed by the Bee Woman as Tackle arrives to drive off the Inhumanoid with her risky Ultra Cyclone attack before fading away. Wounded, the Bee Woman limps back to Super Shocker's base where she releases the Neo Organism, only to be consumed by it as it creates Doras to Super Shinigami's horror.

Natsumi tries to develop the photographs, but the camera was in such bad shape that Tsukasa's face does not appear. She holds it up, passing it to Daiki and Yusuke who also refuse to forget him. This act, as well as the other Nine Worlds' Kamen Riders, restores the photo as memories of Tsukasa represented by photographs manifest and merge, bringing Tsukasa back to life. By then, Super Crisis Fortress takes off as the Tsukasa, Yusuke, Daiki, and Natsumi arrive and assume their Rider forms to take out Colonel Zol's army, forcing the villain back to his usual self. However, Doras arrives as Narutaki curses Decade for causing this new turn of events. The Nine Worlds' Kamen Riders arrive to support them, but the fight is still to Doras's advantage until Decade assumes Complete Form while having the Nine Riders assume their ultimate forms (Kuuga Rising Ultimate, Agito Shining Form, Ryuki Survive, Faiz Blaster Form, Blade King Form, Armed Hibiki, Kabuto Hyper Form, Den-O Super Climax Form, and Kiva Emperor Form), and together destroy Doras with an all-out attack. However, wanting to play more, the Neo Organism sends out a mammoth robot to attack the Riders.

W: Begins Night[edit]

It is the holiday season and Shotaro Hidari reminisces of the first Christmas he spent with his mentor, the great Sokichi Narumi, until Akiko Narumi breaks him out of his daydream so they can decorate the office, with the Futo Irregulars helping and Philip reading as usual. However, a woman arrives, revealed to be pop star Asami Mutsuki. She has come to the Narumi Detective Agency because she has been constantly haunted by the apparent ghost of her sister and pop star partner Erika who died in a boating accident a year ago. Shotaro takes the case to the Irregulars' dismay, with Philip intrigued as ghosts should not exist. The whole group investigates, with the Futo Irregulars hunting down clues in their own way, as Shotaro and Akiko visit Erika's grave and speak with the cemetery's caretaker Father Roberto Shijima, who Shotaro finds suspicious as he speaks of resurrection. As they leave as they get a call that Asami canceled the case, Shotaro and Akiko find Erika and pursue her before being attacked by the Death Dopant. After calling to Philip, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Double to fight the Death Dopant who escapes with Double confronted by his old boss: Sokichi Narumi. Sokichi produces the Lost Driver belt and the Skull Memory, transforming into Kamen Rider Skull. Double and Skull fight, with Shotaro reluctant to fight his mentor and Philip reminding him that Sokichi should be dead as Akiko overheard it while Double is still taken down by Skull with the Skull Banisher Maximum Drive. With Shotaro reverting, Sokichi warns him not to investigate any further. After the police arrive to the Agency with information, Shotaro decides to quit the detective business while Akiko insists that he stay on the case. The next day, Shotaro goes to the last known resting place of Sokichi Narumi: the island where he and Philip first met. Philip is already there, having taken the HardSplasher, and tells Shotaro that if they are going to solve this case and find out why Sokichi is still alive, they must remember what happened on the night that he died: the Begins Night.

One year ago, Sokichi and Shotaro have infiltrated a top secret installation, seeking the "Chosen Child," whose powers were being used for evil. When the alarm sounds, Sokichi gives an attaché case to Shotaro and tells him not to move as he becomes Skull to fight off the guards as they all transform into Masquerade Dopants when the Taboo Dopant damages Sokichi's fedora in the fight. Elsewhere, Shotaro sees a young man and follows him, determining him to be the person they are after. The young man reveals that he creates the Gaia Memories via his access to the Gaia Library, and during the discussion, Shotaro drops the case revealing the Double Driver. The young man is intrigued with its design, remarking that it to be made for the user to be able to access his power. However, after a short argument with Shotaro, he is inadvertently pushed into a transport device and is teleported into the crystalline structure of the Gaia Tower. Sokichi arrives and berates Shotaro for not listening to him, as they head upstairs to the central chamber of the Gaia Tower. Sokichi goes up to the crystal and enters the Gaia Library where he finds the young man, offering him the freedom to do as he wishes and also make amends for his part in the creation of the Gaia Memories. Learning he has no name, Sokichi christens him Philip, after his favorite fictional character. After rescuing Philip from the tower, the building's guards shoot down Sokichi. In his last breath, he asks Shotaro to finish the case and take care of Philip, giving Shotaro his now ripped fedora. Shotaro feels he is at fault for his death when the Taboo Dopant arrives as he and Philip transform into Kamen Rider Double for the first time, before the floor they're on gives out and fall down several levels and the transformation ends soon after landing as Philip uses a tiny dinosaur-like robot called the Fang Memory to become the feral Kamen Rider Double FangJoker to take all the Masquerade Dopants and drive the Taboo Dopant off before picking up Shotaro's body and escaping as the building explodes.

Back in the present, after Philip tells him that only together could they atone from their respective sins, he and Shotaro resume their investigation on the Death Dopant, concluding it to be none other than Father Shijima. As they return to the main land, Akiko follows Asami to the cemetery and learns she canceled the case as the priest promised to reunite her with Erika. But learning they know his identity, Shijima attempts to lock them up in coffins along with the others he helped as Shotaro and Phillip arrive to save them. Assuming his Dopant form, Shijima disappears and Sokichi appears once more and assumes his Rider form, but Shotaro realizes that this man cannot be his old mentor due to his heartlessness. Once Kamen Rider Double defeats Skull as HeatJoker, Roberto's Dopant form is revealed to be the shape-shifting Dummy Dopant as he reveals his plan was to assume the identities of his high class victims. But before Double can execute a Memory Break, the Sonozaki sisters and Kirihiko arrive to fight Double in their Dopant forms as the Dummy Dopant transforms into a tire and escapes. Kamen Rider Double calls upon the RevolGarry and the HardBoilder to chase after the Dummy Dopant.

Movie War 2010[edit]

After the Mammoth Mecha is dropped, Decade survives the attack and gets on the Machine Decader as he is chased by the Neo Organism-possessed Super Crisis Fortress as Kamen Rider Double pursues the Dummy Dopant in his Dummy Wheel form on the HardBoilder. Within moments, the two Rider's battles intermingle as Decade and Double recognize each other and join forces as the other Kamen Riders join in the battle Decade uses the All Riders Final Form Ride Card to transform the Nine Worlds' Kamen Riders into their Final Form Ride Forms to support Diend and Kiva-la as Double gets the Dummy Dopant off the Mammoth Mecha and convert it into the HardMammother to take down the Super Crisis Fortress while Decade chases after the Dummy Dopant. As Double manages to destroy the Super Crisis Fortress at the expense of the HardMammother, Super Shinigami tries to escape when the ShinigamiHakase Memory, which was given by Ryubee Sonozaki who was called "Ryu" by Eijiro himself, falls out of his neck, turning him back into Eijiro Hikari. Kamen Rider Kiva-la rescues him and both escape the ship's destruction unharmed.

However, the Neo Organism has also escaped destruction and assimilates the Dummy Dopant to become Ultimate D. Decade and Double fight Ultimate D, having trouble until Decade produces the Kamen Rider W Final Form Ride Card. He uses it and splits Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker into Double CycloneCyclone (controlled by Philip) and Double JokerJoker (controlled by Shotaro). Together, the three Kamen Riders perform the Triple Extreme Rider Kick and destroy Ultimate D. Soon after, as the other Riders take their leave, Tsukasa and Shotaro part ways after Tsukasa hands Shotaro a Kamen Ride card with Skull's image on it. Shotaro is then approached by a Sokichi Narumi from an A.R. World, who praises his determination before returning to his world. Tsukasa returns to the Hikari Studio where a new backdrop depicting an endless road falls as the others wish continue to journey with him. Tsukasa, Natsumi, Yusuke, and Daiki all pose in front of the backdrop as Eijiro takes a photo. In Futo, the party resumes at the Narumi Detective Agency, with Shotaro reassured of his task to follow through with his mentor's wishes. However, in another part of Futo, a mysterious young man named Ryu Terui proclaims that Double is no longer the only Kamen Rider in Futo as he holds up a red Gaia Memory which soon announces its name: Accel.


Decade cast
  • Tsukasa Kadoya (門矢 士, Kadoya Tsukasa): Masahiro Inoue (井上 正大, Inoue Masahiro)
  • Natsumi Hikari (光 夏海, Hikari Natsumi): Kanna Mori (森 カンナ, Mori Kanna)
  • Yusuke Onodera (小野寺 ユウスケ, Onodera Yūsuke): Ryouta Murai (村井 良大, Murai Ryōta)
  • Daiki Kaito (海東 大樹, Kaitō Daiki): Kimito Totani (戸谷 公人, Totani Kimito)
  • Yuriko Misaki (岬 ユリコ, Misaki Yuriko): Alice Hirose (広瀬 アリス, Hirose Arisu)
  • Eijiro Hikari/Super Doctor Shinigami (光 栄次郎/スーパー死神博士, Hikari Eijirō/Sūpā Shinigami-hakase): Renji Ishibashi (石橋 蓮司, Ishibashi Renji)
  • Wataru Kurenai (紅 渡, Kurenai Wataru): Koji Seto (瀬戸 康史, Seto Kōji)
  • Shouichi Ashikawa (芦河 ショウイチ, Ashikawa Shōichi): So Yamanaka (山中 聡, Yamanaka Sō)
  • Shinji Tatsumi (辰巳 シンジ, Tatsumi Shinji): Momosuke Mizutani (水谷 百輔, Mizutani Momosuke)
  • Kazuma Kendate (剣立 カズマ, Kendate Kazuma): Hiroki Suzuki (鈴木 拡樹, Suzuki Hiroki)
  • Asumu (アスム): Kazuki Koshimizu (小清水 一揮, Koshimizu Kazuki)
  • Souji (ソウジ, Sōji): Daijiro Kawaoka (川岡 大次郎, Kawaoka Daijirō)
  • Wataru (ワタル): Arashi Fukasawa (深澤 嵐, Fukasawa Arashi)
  • Narutaki/Colonel Zol (鳴滝/ゾル大佐, Narutaki/Zoru-taisa): Tatsuhito Okuda (奥田 達士, Okuda Tatsuhito)
  • Bee Woman (ハチ女, Hachi Onna): Nao Oikawa (及川 奈央, Oikawa Nao)
  • Kivala (キバーラ, Kibāra, Voice): Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城 みゆき, Sawashiro Miyuki)
  • Skyrider (スカイライダー, Sukairaidā, Voice), Kamen Rider Faiz (仮面ライダーファイズ, Kamen Raidā Faizu, Voice): Kenji Akabane (赤羽根 健治, Akabane Kenji)
  • Kamen Rider Super-1 (仮面ライダースーパー1, Kamen Raidā Sūpā Wan, Voice), Kamen Rider J (仮面ライダーJ, Kamen Raidā Jei, Voice): Cota Nemoto (根本 幸多, Nemoto Kōta)
  • Kamen Rider Den-O (仮面ライダー電王, Kamen Raidā Den'ō, Voice): Toshihiko Seki (関 俊彦, Seki Toshihiko)
  • Kamen Rider Blade (仮面ライダーブレイド, Kamen Raidā Bureido, Voice): Takayuki Tsubaki (椿 隆之, Tsubaki Takayuki)[3]
  • Kivat-bat the 3rd (キバットバットⅢ世, Kibattobatto Sansei, Voice): Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和, Sugita Tomokazu)
  • Neo Organism (ネオ生命体, Neo Seimeitai, Voice): Yūtarō Honjō (本城 雄太郎, Honjō Yūtarō)
  • Doras (ドラス, Dorasu, Voice), Ultimate D (アルティメットD, Arutimetto Dī, Voice): Keikō Sakai (酒井 敬幸, Sakai Keikō)
  • Decadriver Voice, Diendriver Voice, K-Touch Voice: Mark Okita (マーク・大喜多, Māku Ōkita)
  • Narration: Eiichiro Suzuki (鈴木 英一郎, Suzuki Eiichirō)
W cast
  • Shotaro Hidari (左 翔太郎, Hidari Shōtarō): Renn Kiriyama (桐山 漣, Kiriyama Ren)
  • Philip (フィリップ, Firippu): Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉, Suda Masaki)
  • Akiko Narumi (鳴海 亜樹子, Narumi Akiko): Hikaru Yamamoto (山本 ひかる, Yamamoto Hikaru)
  • Mikio Jinno (刃野 幹夫, Jinno Mikio): Takeshi Nadagi (なだぎ 武, Nadagi Takeshi)
  • Shun Makura (真倉 俊, Makura Shun): Shingo Nakagawa (中川 真吾, Nakagawa Shingo)
  • Watcherman (ウォッチャマン, Wotchaman): Nasubi (なすび)
  • Santa-chan (サンタちゃん): Zennosuke Fukkin (腹筋 善之介, Fukkin Zennosuke)
  • Queen (クイーン, Kuīn): Tomomi Itano (板野 友美, Itano Tomomi)
  • Elizabeth (エリザベス, Erizabesu): Tomomi Kasai (河西 智美, Kasai Tomomi)
  • Ryubee Sonozaki (園咲 琉兵衛, Sonozaki Ryūbee): Minori Terada (寺田 農, Terada Minori)
  • Saeko Sonozaki (園咲 冴子, Sonozaki Saeko): Ami Namai (生井 亜実, Namai Ami)
  • Wakana Sonozaki (園咲 若菜, Sonozaki Wakana): Rin Asuka (飛鳥 凛, Asuka Rin)
  • Kirihiko Sonozaki (園咲 霧彦, Sonozaki Kirihiko): Yuki Kimisawa (君沢 ユウキ, Kimisawa Yūki)
  • Sokichi Narumi (鳴海 荘吉, Narumi Sōkichi): Koji Kikkawa (吉川 晃司, Kikkawa Kōji)
  • Asami Mutsuki (睦月 安紗美, Mutsuki Asami): Asuka Shibuya (渋谷 飛鳥, Shibuya Asuka)
  • Erika Mutsuki (睦月 恵理香, Mutsuki Erika): Miyuu Sawai (沢井 美優, Sawai Miyū)
  • Father Roberto Shijima (神父・ロベルト志島, Shinpu Roberuto Shijima): Toru Tezuka (手塚 とおる, Tezuka Tōru)
  • Gaia Memory Distributors (ガイアメモリ流通組織の男, Gaia Memori Ryūtsū Soshiki no Otoko): Jiro Okamoto (岡元 次郎, Okamoto Jirō)
  • Mysterious man (謎の男, Nazo no otoko): Minehiro Kinomoto (木ノ本 嶺浩, Kinomoto Minehiro)
  • Gaia Memory Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki (立木 文彦, Tachiki Fumihiko)

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