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Kamen Rider Accel as seen in one of his first appearances in Kamen Rider W. The letter A is one of the character's primary visual motifs.

Kamen Rider Accel (仮面ライダーアクセル Kamen Raidā Akuseru) is a fictional superhero in the 2009–2010 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider W, and is the series second Kamen Rider after the titlular Kamen Rider Double. The name comes from the English word "acceleration" and his motif is that of the letter A as well as a motorcycle.

Ryu Terui[edit]

Ryu Terui (照井 竜 Terui Ryū, portrayed by Minehiro Kinomoto) is a superintendent appointed to the Futo Police Department's Paranormal Crime Investigation Division (超常犯罪捜査課 Chōjō Hanzai Sōsaka), and is Jinno and Makura's superior. He usually wears a jacket with the Buddhist phrase "spiritual state of nothingness makes even fire itself cool" on the back. Prior to arriving in Futo, Ryu lost his family when they were murdered by a Dopant with a Gaia Memory symbolized by the letter W, driving him to seek revenge against this man. The mysterious woman known only as Shroud assists him, providing him with the Accel Memory and Engine Blade. He also develops a hatred for the city of Futo, seeing it as a gathering place of all kinds of scum. Prior to his series debut, Ryu makes a cameo appearance in a post-credits scene in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 proclaiming that Kamen Rider Double is not the only Kamen Rider in Futo. From then, Ryu watches Shotaro and Philip from afar before formally introducing himself to them just as Shroud provides him with the Accel Driver.

Though he and Shotaro clash at first, Ryu becomes an ally to the Narumi Detective Agency, hiring them as assistants and consultants when it comes to investigating the Dopant crime wave, thus providing them with a steady income. He gradually picks up some of Shotaro's habits in dealing with Dopants even after losing it upon finally finding his family's killer: the Weather Dopant Shinkuro Isaka. After obtaining the Trial Memory from Shroud and learning to use it, Ryu is able to finally take his revenge on the Weather Dopant, using the Trial Maximum Drive to destroy his Gaia Memory, after which Isaka dissolved as a result of his long term abuse of Gaia Memories creeps up on him without the Weather Memory holding the effects at bay. After Isaka's death, Ryu found closure and becomes more open to the others and continues his role as a Kamen Rider to fight off the Dopant crime wave. He began to harbor feelings for Akiko as well, which proved to be mutual. He eventually learns that it was Shroud who gave Isaka the Weather Memory, though she had no idea that his family would suffer as a result. Furthermore, Ryu also learns he has a unique physiology, enabling him to withstand the intense power of certain Gaia Memories. His unique physiology, which enables him to resist the Terror Dopant's Terror Field, coupled with the coincidental burning hatred formed after his family's murder, were the reasons why he was selected by Shroud. Because of this, Shroud had originally intended for him to assume Shotaro's place as Double using his hatred to enable Double to reach full power, and still intends for him to do so even after Shotaro has long been Philip's partner. However, Ryu has shown Shroud that he can fight with compassion and does not need to be Double to fight, forgiving Shroud for being the indirect cause of his family's demise along the way. Furthermore, after Philip's disappearance after Jun Kazu's defeat, Ryu had grown to love Futo with a desire to protect it, overall a complete turnabout from his initial personality.

While settling into married life with Akiko, Ryu is brought onto a case with involving a woman named Aoi Katsuragi, a member of a pick-pocketing ring with most of her accomplices murdered. In the process, by the Commander Dopant's actions, Ryu finds himself on the lam and his marriage on the verge of a divorce. But once learning the Dopant's identity to be Captain Hiroshi Sagami, Ryu saw in the man the same revenge-driven impulse he was under before and refuses to go back there even when Akiko, the reason for his turnabout, is placed in mortal danger. After using the Gaia Memory Enhancement Adapter to save his wife and bring Sagami to justice, Ryu is able to start anew with Akiko.

Ryu Terui appears in the Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser V-Cinema. Set in 2015, he assists fellow police officer and Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Drive as well as Kamen Rider Mach who are fighting a Beast Dopant empowered Roidmude 077 near Futo. It is revealed that Ryu and Akiko have a daughter named Haruna Terui (照井 春奈 Terui Haruna).

Kamen Rider Accel[edit]

Like Kamen Rider Double, Ryu Terui transforms into Kamen Rider Accel through the use of Gaia Memories. However, Kamen Rider Accel only has access to a single, default form with which he fights through the use of the Accel Memory which he inserts into the Accel Driver. Like Kamen Rider Double and Kamen Rider Skull, Kamen Rider Accel can perform Maximum Drive (マキシマムドライブ Makishimamu Doraibu) finishing attacks which are necessary to destroy a Dopant's Gaia Memory in a Memory Break (メモリブレイク Memori Bureiku). Kamen Rider Accel's standard Maximum Drive is the Accel Glanzer (アクセルグランツァー Akuseru Gurantsā) Rider Kick, after charging up power to a point where Accel's body is engulfed in orange flames, he executes a jumping spinning heel kick which releases energy in the form of tread marks.[1][2] While armed with the Engine Blade, Kamen Rider Accel has additional Maximum Drives.

Ryu tends to say "Let's break away!" (振り切るぜ! Furikiru ze!) whenever he assumes his Rider forms and states "Despair awaits you (all) at the finish!" (絶望がお前(たち)のゴールだ! Zetsubō ga omae (-tachi) no gōru da!, as Accel or Accel Trial) and "[0.1-9.9] seconds, that is the time left until your despair!" (○○秒、それがお前の絶望までのタイムだ! [0.1-9.9]-byō, sore ga omae no zetsubō made no taimu da!, as Accel Trial) upon executing a Maximum Drive attack.

Bike Form[edit]

The power of the Accel Memory allows Kamen Rider Accel to assume a motorcycle-like form called Bike Form (バイクフォーム Baiku Fōmu), transforming quite literally into a motorcycle. This form is accessed by removing the Accel Driver buckle from the belt when the Face Flasher (フェイスフラッシャー Feisu Furasshā) lights up and when transformed, it allows Kamen Rider Accel to reach speeds of 920 km/h.[3] In Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Bike Form has its own Maximum Drive after the Engine Memory is inserted in the Accel Driver and Accel switches to Bike Form: a super-powered dash through the target.

  • AccelTurbuler (アクセルタービュラー Akuseru Tābyurā): Other than his own Gunner A unit, Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form can combine with the RevolGarry's Turbuler unit to become the AccelTurbuler. Not only does Accel have use of the Scramble Cutter (スクランブルカッター Sukuranburu Kattā) guns, he can also transform his upper body out of Bike Form to execute a Maximum Drive in which he pierces through his target in the shape of a burning letter A.
  • Bike Form can also combine with Kamen Rider Double's Boilder or Splasher units to become the AccelBoilder (アクセルボイルダー Akuseru Boirudā, Start Dash Mode, as well) or the AccelSplasher (アクセルスプラッシャー Akuseru Supurasshā) respectively. These forms were not shown in the series itself.

Accel Trial[edit]

Kamen Rider Accel Trial (仮面ライダーアクセルトライアル Kamen Raidā Akuseru Toraiaru) is the blue powered up form of Kamen Rider Accel, accessed by the Trial Memory. This form is significantly faster than Kamen Rider Accel's normal form, but sports weaker armor and overall power. It is more than enough to make up for its weakness by being able to punch and kick at blinding speeds, as well as increasing his overall movement speed (running, dodging, etc.) to a great degree. Once the Maximum Drive is initiated, Kamen Rider Accel Trial can only be used for another 10 seconds before being forcibly reverted to human form, but the transformation is retained if the Trial Maximum Drive is successfully executed within 10 seconds.[4] This form's Maximum Drive is the Machine Gun Spike (マシンガンスパイク Mashingan Supaiku) Rider Kick, a series of multiple kicks in a row which leave a series of energy treadmarks in the form of a T. The power of this Maximum Drive is only limited by how many kicks Accel Trial can perform within the 10 second time limit. When Kamen Rider Accel Trial combines the Engine Maximum Drive with the Trial Maximum Drive, he can perform the Machine Gun Slasher (マシンガンスラッシャー Mashingan Surasshā) Maximum Drive, repeatedly slashing the target in the time limit rather than kicking. Accel Trial's motif also includes the motocross off-road bike.[5]

While transforming from into Kamen Rider Accel Trial, Kamen Rider Accel changes colors from red, to yellow, and then finally to blue as Accel Trial. The yellow colored form has been labeled as Kamen Rider Accel Yellow Signal Version (仮面ライダーアクセルイエローシグナルバージョン Kamen Raidā Akuseru Ierō Shigunaru Bājon) in the toy line.

Accel Booster[edit]

Kamen Rider Accel Booster (仮面ライダーアクセルブースター Kamen Raidā Akuseru Būsutā) is the yellow powered up form of Kamen Rider Accel that appears in Kamen Rider Accel's version of the Kamen Rider W Returns DVD releases. This form of Kamen Rider Accel uses the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter stolen from the Commander Dopant, which is attached over the top of the Accel Memory to increase its power output threefold. Kamen Rider Accel Booster's most notable feature is its additional armoring compared to Kamen Rider Accel Trial, which hides a plethora of jet boosters enabling Kamen Rider Accel Booster to fly with great mobility, leaving large contrails of fire due to the tripled thermal energy output. Like Kamen Rider Accel's other forms, it can utilize the Engine Blade and perform the Boost Slasher (ブーストスラシャー Būsuto Surasshā) Maximum Drive, where the Engine Blade project a large golden energy blade to slice through the target.


Accel Driver[edit]

The Accel Driver (アクセルドライバー Akuseru Doraibā) is Kamen Rider Accel's transformation belt. It is a third generation Memory Driver given to Ryu Terui by the mysterious woman known only as "Shroud". The Accel Driver resembles a set of motorcycle handlebars. By inserting the Accel Memory into the Mono Slot (モノスロット Mono Surotto) and revving the Power Throttle (パワースロットル Pawā Surottoru) on the right handlebar, Ryu transforms into Kamen Rider Accel. By squeezing the Maximum Clutch Lever (マキシマムクラッチレバー Makishimamu Kuratchi Rebā) on the left handlebar and revving the Power Throttle, Kamen Rider Accel initiates his Maximum Drive (マキシマムドライブ Makishimamu Doraibu) finisher attack.[6]

Gaia Memories[edit]

Like Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider Accel possesses his own set of Gaia Memories (ガイアメモリ Gaia Memori). Compared to Dopant Gaia Memories, Kamen Rider Accel's Gaia Memories are refined in appearance, a fact that Shinkuro Isaka claims to be indicative of the limits placed on their powers.

  • Accel (アクセル Akuseru): The Accel Memory, or Acceleration Memory (加速の記憶 Kasoku no Kioku), is Kamen Rider Accel's primary Gaia Memory. This enables Ryu to transform into Kamen Rider Accel and access his primary Maximum Drive, as well as allow him to assume Bike Form.
  • Engine (エンジン Enjin): The Engine Memory is a Giji Memory that gives the Engine Blade its various powers. It is not a true Gaia Memory however, and its powers are linked to those of the Accel Memory. This allows it to have more than one ability, each based on a different type of engine: Steam (スチーム Suchīmu), which creates a wave or wall of hot steam; Jet (ジェット Jetto), which allows the Engine Blade to execute super heated slashes or fire a bladed energy wave; and Electric (エレクトリック Erekutorikku), which allows the Engine Blade to perform electrically charged slashes or fire a bolt of electricity.
  • Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron): Ryu is briefly lent Philip's Cyclone Memory to battle the Weather Dopant. When inserted into the Engine Blade, it allows Kamen Rider Accel to perform a wind-powered Maximum Drive strong enough to wound even the Weather Dopant.

Trial Memory[edit]

The Trial Memory (トライアルメモリ Toraiaru Memori), also known as the Challenge Memory (挑戦の記憶 Chōsen no Kioku), is a special Gaia Memory that allows Kamen Rider Accel to become Kamen Rider Accel Trial. While in Memory Mode (メモリモード Memori Mōdo), the Trial Memory enables Kamen Rider Accel to transform; the transformation is complete once the light on the traffic light-like Trans-Signal (トランスシグナル Toransu Shigunaru) goes from red to blue (with a 3-second countdown sound effect). While in its stop watch-like Maximum Mode (マキシマムモード Makishimamu Mōdo), once the Maximum Switch (マキシマムスイッチ Makishimamu Suitchi) timer button is pressed, Kamen Rider Accel Trial has ten seconds to perform as many attacks as possible, usually kicks and in one occasion, slashes, before pressing the Maximum Switch again to activate the Maximum Drive. If the Maximum Switch is not pressed within the time allotted, the Maximum Drive fails and Kamen Rider Accel's transformation is forcibly and painfully cancelled. To handle this, Kamen Rider Accel normally tosses the Trial Memory into the air as the Maximum Drive begins, pressing the Maximum Switch as soon as it is caught and declaring the time indicated when the timer is stopped. Later in the series, he gets a better grip on the timing to the point where he can stop the timer without tossing the Trail Memory..[4][7]

Engine Blade[edit]

The Engine Blade (エンジンブレード Enjin Burēdo) is Kamen Rider Accel's main weapon. The weapon can be wielded outside of Accel's transformation, though it is extremely heavy. Through the use of the Engine Memory, Kamen Rider Accel can use the Engine Blade's different elemental abilities by pulling the trigger. It also allows Accel to perform two unique Maximum Drive finishers with the Engine Blade through the Engine Memory. The first is the A-Slasher (エースラッシャー Ē Surasshā) in which a concentration of energy in the shape of the letter A is sent out from the Engine Blade. The second is called the Dynamic Ace (ダイナミックエース Dainamikku Ēsu) where Kamen Rider Accel performs three consecutive slashes that form the letter A in a horizontal or vertical plane, slashing through the Dopant to destroy it.[8] The Engine Blade can also be used with any of Double's Memories, as Kamen Rider Accel has used the Cyclone Memory to unleash a series of wind-powered slashes.

Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter[edit]

The Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter (ガイアメモリ強化アダプター Gaia Memori Kyōka Adaputā) is a special device that increases a Gaia Memory's power output threefold. Though the Museum attempted to place Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapters on the market, only one was made before the organization fell apart in the aftermath of Ryubee's demise. It was also used by the Commander Dopant before it was taken by Aoi Katsuragi who gives it to Kamen Rider Accel to become Kamen Rider Accel Booster. The Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter was used on the Unicorn Memory by a yakuza leader, however the Memory is destroyed by Ryu before it can be used.

Memory Gadgets[edit]

Like Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider Accel has his own Memory Gadget (メモリガジェット Memori Gajetto), an item powered by an artificial Gaia Memory called a Giji Memory (ギジメモリ Giji Memori, "Pseudo Memory") that allows it to switch between its Gadget Mode (ガジェットモード Gajetto Mōdo) and its Live Mode (ライブモード Raibu Mōdo).

  • The Beetle Phone (ビートルフォン Bītoru Fon) is a mobile phone that switches between Cell Phone Mode (携帯モード Keitai Mōdo) and Beetle Mode (ビートルモード Bītoru Mōdo) with the use of the Beetle Memory (ビートルメモリ Bītoru Memori). It looks similar to the Stag Phone, except it has a blue Japanese rhinoceros beetle design. Prior to its appearance in the series, Ryu Terui used the Beetle Phone to spy on the Narumi Detective Agency.


The Diablossa (ディアブロッサ Diaburossa) is Ryu's personal Ducati 999 motorcycle. It also has a holder for the Engine Blade. Ryu does not ride it as Accel, likely because of his ability to assume bike form when transformed. Its name comes from the Spanish and Italian words "Diablo" and "Rosso" (meaning "Red Devil").[9]

Gunner A[edit]

The Gunner A (ガンナーA Gannā Ē) is a robotic tank that serves as Kamen Rider Accel's support droid. Its AI allows it to operate on its own from Accel. The technology is similar to Kamen Rider Double's HardBoilder and the front unit can also combine with the Gunner A to become the HardGunner.[10]


Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form can combine with the Gunner A to become the AccelGunner (アクセルガンナー Akuseru Gannā). The Accel Memory links with the Gaia Cannon (ガイアキャノン Gaia Kyanon) to release energy similar to a Maximum Drive called the Gunner Full Break (ガンナーフルブレイク Gannā Furu Bureiku). It is also armed with the Gattling Wheel (ガトリングホイール Gatoringu Hoīru), Bike Form's back wheel turned into a machine gun.[11]


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