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Kamen Rider Hibiki (仮面ライダー響鬼 Kamen Raidā Hibiki?) is the eponymous and lead protagonist of the 2005 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Hibiki. His name literally means "Echo Demon" (響鬼 Hibiki?).

Hitoshi Hidaka - Hibiki[edit]

Hitoshi Hidaka (日高 仁志 Hidaka Hitoshi?, portrayed by Shigeki Hosokawa), known as Hibiki (ヒビキ?) is one of the most seasoned Oni currently in service. It is not known exactly when he began his training, but it is said that Hibiki became an Oni training alone and has surpassed all former Oni by being the first to wield the Armed Saber. Hibiki has a strong sense of ethics and believes constantly training oneself to keep up their strength. Throughout the series he is seen training by himself and with other Oni. He is seen as somewhat of a teacher by other Oni, even though Hibiki sees himself as just another fighter in the war against the Makamou. Due to his training, he is seldom seen worrying, he believes that with constant training, he will always come out on top and does not need to worry about his safety. His trademark is his special salute which he does every time to either greet other or bid them farewell.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Hibiki is a calm and nonchalant Oni. Not much is known about his past, but when he was young, he appeared to act the same as Asumu. He had worries and doubts and wanted to protect his friends, which is what led to him becoming an Oni. He takes Asumu (whom he calls simply as "Shōnen" (少年 Shōnen?, "Boy" or, more informally translating, "Kid")) under his wing and helps him and gives him advice when needed. Of the three main riders, Hibiki is the most experienced, even though he says otherwise, he is the wisest of the current Oni and his friends look up to him as if he were a teacher. He has a long friendship with Midori, who is Takeshi's weapon designer, who've been friends since they were children.

When Kogure appears, he gives Hibiki a hard time in training. Wanting Hibiki to be stronger than he is, he pushes him as hard as he can. Hibiki, although on friendly terms with Kogure, was still one of the first to encounter his eccentric form of training. Kogure then reveals his training is meant to allow Hibiki to wield the Armed Saber, a weapon that will allow him to become even more powerful than his Kurenai form. During a battle later on, Todoroki uses the Armed Saber and is sent flying by its power. In an act of desperation, Hibiki picks the saber up an attempts to use it, only to meet the same result as Todoroki.

The two Oni then lose the ability to transform. In the past when this has happened, Oni were unable to ever regain their powers, but as Danki and Shouki revealed, when Kogure used them as his guinea pigs, if an Oni is put through intense training, their powers will eventually return. Danki and Shouki regain their powers after a month of training, a time frame that Hibiki needed to beat. Through his training with Kogure, Hibiki, along with Todoroki, regain their powers.

In the next battle after regaining their powers, Hibiki and Todoroki are pit against one of the strongest known Makamou. A three headed gigantic demon whose sole purpose is to kill. Kogure appears and throws Hibiki the Armed Saber, telling him that it was always destined to be used by him and that it will unlock his true power. A hesitant Hibiki finally uses the saber and easily defeats the Makamou.

During the second half of the series, Hibiki meets another boy named Kyosuke Kiriya. Kyosuke was estranged from his father and when he met Hibiki, he began pursuing him to allow him to be his student. Only knowing of what his father had done in life, Kyosuke saw becoming an Oni as his chance to be greater than his father. Hibiki claimed this was a selfish reason for wanting to be an Oni and would not allow him to become his student, but Kyosuke was adamant about becoming his student. Eventually Kyosuke's rivalry with Asumu became a partnership as the two began pledging to Hibiki to allow them to become his students.

Unsure of his skills as a teacher and not wanting to lose another student as he once did, Hibiki denies every plea they make. Later on when Akira Amami gives up being a student of Ibuki, she persuades Hibiki to let Asumu and Kyosuke become his students. Under Hibiki, Asumu was the better student with Kyosuke struggling in nearly every training session. Even though Asumu was clearly better physically suited to be an Oni, he was not in the right mindset to be one. Hibiki talks Asumu into him continuing to be his student. For a while longer, the three continue their training before Hibiki finally realizes that Asumu's place in this world is not as an Oni. He allows Asumu to quit but feels great regret for being the one to push him to stay his student.

Following the great battle against the Makamou in the "Orochi sealing", Hibiki and Asumu have lost touch with each other and share some awkward moments when they meet each other at a hospital that Asumu works at a year later. In the end, Hibiki and Asumu reconnect with each other. Hibiki says that even though he cannot be Asumu's mentor as an Oni, he can be his mentor in life and help him be a better person. The two watch a sunrise as they remember their first meeting and Hibiki reveals to Asumu that he was his apprentice from the start, with Asumu agreeing to stay by Hibiki's side despite choosing not to become an Oni himself.

Kamen Rider Hibiki[edit]

In this form, Hibiki is a purple oni with red accent. This is his basic form and the easiest form for him to reach. To become this form, Hibiki simply needs to tap his tuning fork against a solid surface then put it in front of his head. The vibrations from the fork causing his body to be engulfed in a fiery purple aura. Hibiki also gains a second "oni face" which is a crest that forms on his forehead. Unlike most Kamen Riders, Hibiki does not wear a suit, rather his demon form is his true form.

Hibiki Kurenai[edit]

Hibiki's second form, also known as Hibiki Kurenai (響鬼紅?, Crimson Hibiki), was introduced in episode 24. He became aware of this form during the summer of training when his arms changed while under attack from Makamou. The effort left Hibiki exhausted, so he began training to meet the physical demands of the transformation. Hibiki would then successfully complete the transformation in the misted of an ensuing attack by Summer Makamou. He stands as red fumes rise up from the ground and cause his body to change. In this form, Hibiki's powers are all nearly doubled from his basic form. He can easily defeat many different types of Makamou with a single attack in this form.

Armed Hibiki[edit]

The third and final form of Hibiki, Armed Hibiki (装甲(アームド)響鬼 Āmudo Hibiki?), announced by the call "Hibiki Armored!" (響鬼 装甲! Hibiki Sōkō!?), is created when Hibiki uses the Armed Saber's power with the Disc Animals merging with his armor, making it samurai-like with his oni face covered with a samurai like shield and his horns expand a bit. He automatically changes to Hibiki Kurenai prior to the transformation. In this state, Hibiki is able to destroy most lower level Makamou easily. Armed Hibiki is also able to execute an aflame Rider Punch; shown on Movie War 2010.



  • Device Type: Tuning Fork
  • Other Forms: Echo Sword Onsaken

The Transformation Tuning Fork Onkaku (変身音叉・音角 Henshin Onsa Onkaku?) gives Hibiki the ability to transform into an Oni, using special sound waves. He taps it on a hard surface and places it in front of his forehead forming an Oni face. Purple flames engulf his transformation into an Oni. In addition, the Onkaku can also playback the sound or video data collected by the Disc Animals. During the events of the movie, the earlier model can be used as the Echo Sword Onsaken (鳴刀・音叉剣 Meitō Onsaken?)


  • Ongekikou Kaentsuzumi (音撃鼓・火炎鼓 Ongekikō Kaentsuzumi?): Attached to the buckle, Hibiki presses this into the body of a large monster to form a large drum for his Ongeki Da finishers.
  • Ongekikou Bakuretsu Kaentsuzumi (音撃鼓・爆裂火炎鼓 Ongekikō Bakuretsu Kaentsuzumi?): An upgraded version of Hibiki's buckle. It's made so his Ongekibou Rekka can beat the highest pure sound, and require less beating.
  • Ongekibou Rekka (音撃棒・烈火 Ongekibō Rekka?): A pair of drumsticks to be used with for his Ongeki Da finishers through Sound of Purification. Can also double as clubs.
  • Armed Saber (装甲声刃(アームドセイバー) Āmudo Seibā?): The Armed Saber is an ancient sword that was once wielded by the ancestor of Kamen Rider Hibiki. Over the years it was improved with the use of human technology, eventually becoming the sword that it is today. The Armed Saber's modern version was developed by Konosuke Kogure that can greatly increase the power of an Oni. By pressing the button on the bottom of the saber, Hibiki is engulfed with a fiery aura. Disk Animals swarm to him changing into his armor as he transforms into Armed Hibiki. It is known as a "forbidden device" due to the fact that it can cause an Oni to lose their transformation power if used by someone who is not strong enough yet. This happens to four Oni in the series, Shōki, Danki, Todoroki and Hibiki but they are all able to regain their power through intense training at the hands of Kogure.


Hibiki has a variety of attacking styles, ranging from small one handed beats to more complicated Armed Saber techniques. Each attack can only be wielded in certain forms, making each upgrade somewhat of a disadvantage in the loss of attacks.

  • Kigenjutsu Onibi (鬼幻術・鬼火 Kigenjutsu Onibi?): Hibiki's mask forms a mouth to shoot a powerful purple flamethrower to finish off a humanoid Makamou.
  • Kitoujutsu Onizume (鬼闘術・鬼爪 Kitōjutsu Onizume?): Forms claws from his hands to stab and slash at Makamou. These claws are nearly unbreakable, thus making them one of Hibiki's most useful weapons.
  • Kiboujutsu Rekkadan (鬼棒術・烈火弾 Kibōjutsu Rekkadan?): Hibiki charges his Rekka with power, igniting the tops with flames creating a torch weapon, which shoots a fireball from each one at a target.
  • Kiboujutsu Rekkaken (鬼棒術・烈火剣 Kibōjutsu Rekkaken?): Hibiki charges one or two of his Rekka with power, creating a flaming blade from the top to slash at enemies.
  • Takeshishiki Onigeri (猛士式鬼蹴 Takeshishiki Onigeri?): Hibiki's version of the traditional Rider Kick.[1] Hibiki charges his foot with power and strikes the target with it. Usually preceded by a high jump, adding the power of the fall to the attack. A purple light might appear around the charged foot. In the Hibiki series itself, there was only a standard jumping kick mimicking the motion of a Rider Kick, not recognized as an actual special technique. However, in later appearances, most notably Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, but also in episode 31 of the Kamen Rider Decade TV series, with the alternate Kamen Rider Hibiki (Asumu), Hibiki's actual Rider Kick technique was shown.

Ongeki Da Finishers[edit]

  • Ongeki Da Kaen Renda no Kata (音撃打・火炎連打の型 Ongeki Da Kaen Renda no Kata?, "Flame Serial Beats form"): While his Kaentsuzumi is attached to a large Makamou, Hibiki beats it 30 times rapidly with his Rekka. The Sound of Purification resonates through the Makmou's body, causing it to explode.
  • Ongeki Da Ikki Kasei no Kata (音撃打・一気火勢の型 Ongeki Da Ikki Kasei no Kata?, "Single Strike Fire Force form"): Hibiki beats the drum with the Rekka together hitting with them at the same time over and over.
  • Ongeki Da Gouka Renbu no Kata (音撃打・豪華連舞の型 Ongeki Da Gōka Renbu no Kata?, "Rapid Hellfire Dance form"): Hibiki beats the Kaentsuzumi with the two together, then one, then two again, then with the other and so on.
  • Ongeki Da Mouka Dotou no Kata (音撃打・猛火怒濤の型 Ongeki Da Mōka Dotō no Kata?, "Raging Flame Billows form"): Hibiki beats the Kaentsuzumi as hard as he can with one arm and then begins his normal two handed beat attack. This allows him to have an advantage when fighting the Makamou.
  • Ongeki Da Bakuretsu Kyouda no Kata (音撃打・爆裂強打の型 Ongeki Da Bakuretsu Kyōda no Kata?, "Exploding Smiting form"): Using his Bakuretsu Kaentsuzumi, Hibiki powerfully beats the Bakuretsu Kaentsuzumi with both Rekka. The Oni symbol forms on the Makamou and swirls with Hibiki's fire and pure sound, destroying it.

Kurenai Form Ongeki Da Finishers[edit]

  • Ongeki Da Shakunetsu Shinku no Kata (音撃打・灼熱真紅の型 Ongeki Da Shakunetsu Shinku no Kata?, "Blazing Crimson form"): In his Kurenai form, Hibiki strikes the Makamou with his Rekka causing a flaming Oni symbol to appear on the Makamou. The symbol paralyzes the Makamou, allowing Hibiki to continue his attack without worry of being attacked by the Makamou he is in battle with.
  • Ongeki Da Bakuretsu Shinku no Kata (音撃打・爆裂真紅の型 Ongeki Da Bakuretsu Shinku no Kata?, "Exploding Crimson form"): Hibiki uses his Bakuretsu Kaentsuzumi in his Kurenai form. This is Hibiki's strongest Ongeki Da.

Armed Form Ongeki Da Finishers[edit]

  • Ongeki Ha Kishin Kakusei (音撃刃・鬼神覚声 Ongeki Ha Kishin Kakusei?, "Awakening Voice of the Oni God"): A gigantic blade of fire purtroudes from the blade of the Armed Saber. It can extend to over 100 feet in length, allowing for powerful long range attacks. Another variation consists of Hibiki speaking through the Armed Saber's hilt, creating sound waves which destroy the Makamou.

Support Vehicles[edit]

Shiranui (不知火 Shiranui?, "Phosphorescent Light") Make: HONDA Element

Gaika (凱火 Gaika?, "Victory Fire") Make: HONDA Valkyrie Rune

Disc Animals[edit]

Produced mainly for reconnaissance purpose, the Disk Animals (ディスクアニマル Disuku Animaru?) that Hibiki uses first are the Akanetaka, followed by the Ryokuōzaru, Ruriōkami, Kihadagani, Kiakashishi, and Asagiwashi. While in Armed Form, Hibiki uses the Armed Disc Animals (アームドディスクアニマル Āmudo Disuku Animaru?), which are stronger versions of Hibiki's Disc Animals that are in a uniformed black and red color.

Armed Disc Animals Motif Meaning Japanese
Haganetaka Hawk Steel Hawk 鋼鷹
Kabutoozaru Ape Shell Ape 兜大猿
Yoroigani Fiddler crab Armor Crab 鎧蟹
  1. ^ The name of Hibiki's Rider Kick comes from the Ganbaride card 4-014.