Kamen Tantei

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Kamen Tantei
Kamen Tantei.jpg
Cover of the first Japanese volume
Genre Mystery
Written by Matsuri Akino
Published by Akita Shoten
English publisher Tokyopop
Original run 19992000
Volumes 4
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Kamen Tantei (仮面探偵, lit. "Masked Detective") is a mystery manga by Matsuri Akino that was published by Akita Shoten and licensed by Tokyopop.


"This is fun, and it may be some of the best mystery comics geared at the teenage audience." — Leroy Douresseaux, Comic Book Bin.[1] "It seems to be written as a love letter to the classic mystery novel, but the execution is so over the map that it's hard to pin down exactly what Akino's trying to do here." — Greg Hackmann, Mania.[2] "Following the hallmarks of Japanese mystery, the story in Kamen Tantei features convoluted murder schemes and a puzzle-solving aspect that'd be considered old-fashoned in English-language novels." — Kevin Gifford, Newtype USA.[3] "I highly recommend this series as it has a lot of Akino-sensei’s trademark humor." — Lori Henderson, Manga Life.[4]


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