Kami-Iijima Station

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Kami-Iijima Station

Kamiiijima2 20040801.jpg
Kami-Iijima Station, August 2004
LocationIijima-nezumita, Akita, Akita
Operated byJR East

Kami-Iijima Station (上飯島駅, Kami-Iijima-eki) is a railway station on the Ōu Main Line in Akita, Akita, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).


Kami-Iijima Station is served by the Ōu Main Line, and is located 308.3 km from the starting point of the line at Fukushima Station.[citation needed] Oga Line train services also stop at this station.

Station layout[edit]

The station has two opposed side platforms serving two tracks. The station is unattended.


1 Ōu Main Line for Higashi-Noshiro and Aomori
Oga Line for Oga
2 Ōu Main Line for Akita

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Ōu Main Line
Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Tsuchizaki   Local   Oiwake


Kami-Iijima Station opened on February 10, 1964.[1] The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of JNR on April 1, 1987.

Surrounding area[edit]


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Coordinates: 39°46′45″N 140°04′07″E / 39.7792°N 140.0685°E / 39.7792; 140.0685