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Kami-ikebukuro (上池袋) is a neighborhood in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan. It is located among JR Ikebukuro, Ōtsuka, and Itabashi Stations and spread along Meiji Avenue.

Kami-ikebukuro borders Ikebukuro-honchō, Takinogawa (in Kita), and Nishi-sugamo in the north, and Kita-Ōtsuka and Higashi-ikebukuro in the south. Most of it is a residential area that is formed after World War 2, and some parts along Meiji Avenue are commercial.


The south end of the area is edge of Ikebukuro tableland with an altitude of about 30 meters. Conversely, the north side of the area faces the Yabata River, with relatively low altitude of about 20 meters.



Bus services run on Meiji-dori Avenue.

    • Services
    • Bus stops
      • Kami-ikebukuro 1-chōme
      • Kami-ikebukuro 3-chōme
      • Kami-ikebukuro 4-chōme
Ikebukuro-Ōhashi overpass (January, 2007)

Significant facilities[edit]

  • Itabashi Station
  • Ikebukuro Community Center
  • Ikebukuro Sports Center
  • APA Hotel Tokyo Itabashi
Ocha-agare-Jizō (January, 2007)

Show places[edit]

  • Ocha-agare-jizō
  • Ikebukuro-Ōhashi overpass



  • Supermarkets
    • Sundaymart supermarket
  • Convenience stores
    • Seven-Eleven (2-chōme, 3-chōme)
    • Family Mart (3-chōme, 4-chōme)
    • Lawson (1-chōme)
    • Ministop( 1-chōme, 4-chōme)
    • 99 Shop
    • Y Shop Homareya
Chinese lunch in Daifuku (600 yen)(January, 2007)
Oden at Wakamatsu (Fish ball 90 yen; meatball wrapped with cabbage 100 yen)(January, 2007)


  • Kami-ikebukuro Chūkarō (Chinese)
  • Daifuku (Chinese)
  • Cafe Tablier (French)
  • Wakamatsu (Japanese, oden)

Financial institutions[edit]

Educational facilities[edit]

  • Sugamo Gakuen (high school/junior high school)
  • Ikebukuro-daiichi Primary School

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