Kamidori Alchemy Meister

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Kamidori Alchemy Meister
Developer(s) Eushully
Publisher(s) Eushully
Release PC
  • JP: April 22, 2011
Genre(s) Visual novel, SRPG, eroge
Mode(s) Single-player

Kamidori Alchemy Meister (神採りアルケミーマイスター?, literally "God Collecting Alchemy Meister") is a Japanese eroge by Eushully. The game is a visual novel and turn-based SRPG.[1]


The story revolves around a young man named Wilfred Dion, an apprentice who graduated and became an alchemist of Yuidora, also known as Workshop City. After becoming an alchemist, Wilfred begins encountering many members of various different races including fox-demons, angels, and dragons, befriending them on his path to become the greatest alchemist in Yuidora.


Kamidori is a turn based SRPG comparable to other popular titles like Fire Emblem in which playable units are set up on a map grid where they take turns fighting against computerized opponents. Each map has a unique set of objectives that the player must reach in order to clear them, ranging from the basic "Defeating all opponents" to escorting missions. Certain aspects of the map can only be traversed by particular units that have the proper skills to do so and there are a wide variety of enemy strengths and weaknesses, giving a depth of strategy on which units you choose to take into battle and how you use them.


Main Characters[edit]

Wilfred Dion (ウィルフレド・ディオン)
Novice artisan that lives in Yuidora. He lost his parents in an accident a year ago and inherited their family atelier, which he now runs. His goal in life and as an artisan is "to bring smiles to people's faces".
Yuela (ユエラ)
Voiced by: Yuria
A swordswoman from Disnafrody who comes to Yuidora seeking to reforge her sword after it had lost its power. She becomes Will's bodyguard in exchange for him finding a way to restore her sword. She is not quite used to different manners in Yuidora.
Emelita (エミリッタ)
Voiced by: Yuzu Mamiya
Energetic young wizard that seems to be always interested into going new places. She is looking for the Reaper so that she could ask her something. She seems to know Will to some degree. Yuela dislikes her upon meeting her, as she distrusting. This is likely due to her role as a body guard.
Servalwi Endoss (セラヴァルウィ・エンドース)
Voiced by: Rino Kawashima
Elf from the nearby forest that came to Yuidora to understand humans and their living style. Became fascinated with Will as she saw him as a person who would be able to promote the co-existence of elves and humans, thus becaming his teacher in matters related to elves and spirits

Minor Characters[edit]

Aht (アト)
Voiced by: Anne Kasuga
An earthman created/summoned by Will and Serawi. Due to imperfections of the summoning process, she initially resembles a walking pile of mud; however, after being purified, her body becomes a girl's.
Suina (水那)
Voiced by: Yumi Shinohara
An undine who lives in a lake near Yuidora. After Wil rescues her from monsters, she joins his party. She is kind, if timid, and very affectionate towards Wil.
Crayl (クレール)
One of the dryad twins living in a forest near Yuidora, and Crayanne's brother. Will first encounters him while investigating the mischief going on in the forest. Crayl joins him soon afterwards, expressing his desire to see the surrounding world.
Crayanne (クレアンヌ)
Voiced by: Kōri Natsuno
One of the dryad twins living in a forest near Yuidora, and Crayl's sister. When Crayl leaves to adventuring with Will, Crayanne stays behind to protect their forest. After realizing that they will have to part due to the dryads' nature, she runs away, but is captured by a wandering alchemist. After Will and Crayl rescue her, she decides to stay with them.
Sharty (シャルティ)
Voiced by: Mahiru Kaneda
Sharty is a succubus who has been menacing the housewives of Yuidora (by seducing their husbands). She is subsequently captured by Wil and joins him as the better alternative to being turned over and executed by Yuidora authorities.
Kohakuren (狐伯蓮)
Voiced by: Izumi Maki
Leader of flame foxes residing in the mountain near Yuidora. When Will comes to meet her, she forces him to resolve a misunderstanding between Yuidora and the foxes. Afterwards, she joins him out of boredom.
Uya (サエラブ)
Uya is a flame fox and a servant of Kohakuren, who sends him to monitor Will so that Will does not forget or escape fulfilling her requests. Proud and somewhat stubborn, he seeks to become stronger and more self-reliant.
Melodiana (メロディアーナ)
Voiced by: Rikka Kitami
Melodiana is an angel Wil meets after making an offering at a Cliffside Church. She subsequently joins Wil and company under the premise of monitoring him. Melodiana tells Wil that she is an archangel, which despite the grand sounding name, is actually the second lowest rank among the 9 ranks of angels.
Elizasleyn (エリザスレイン)
Voiced by: Yuki Satou
Elizasleyn is a fifth rank angel (Virtue) and a leader of Misanshel. After meeting Will, she sees him as a threat for world balance, and wages war on Yuidora; after being defeated, she decides to join him to look over him.
Paraskevas (パラスケヴァス)
Paraskevas is a unique sea creature Wil meets while investigating a disturbance at Yuma Lake. After finishing a series of quests, he offers to help Wil and join the party. Despite not speaking a formal language, Servalwi can communicate with him to some extent, and Emelita becomes quite fond of him despite his monstrous size and appearance.
Gaptahl (ガプタール)
Gaptahl joins the party after Wil returns the dragon egg stolen by Gantz. His demeanor is "noble", almost to the point of being arrogant, but he develops respect for Wil as the game progresses - ultimately leading to him joining the party.
Ragsmuena (ラグスムエナ)
Voiced by: Iria Hoshizaki
The Reaper who terrorizes Yuidora's forest and mine. Some time after Will and his party defeat her, she comes back with a completely different, calm personality. After capturing her, Will lets her live at his workshop.
Mylen Ploa (ミレーヌ・プロア)
Voiced by: Dynamite Ami
A fiend whom Will encounters during his travels. She claims to be a masochist and lacks common sense, relying on Wil to help her discern right from wrong. She has incredible teleportation powers and is a leader to a group of monsters similar to her. She has a playful, almost chilldish personality which is darkly colored by her role as a fiend.
Phinilly (フィニリィ)
Voiced by: Konami Ōnami
Phinilly is a fairy princess whom Will encounters during his travels. She lives in a secluded valley hidden from people, and after Will finds it and defeats her, she decides to go with him to learn more humans.
Asmodeus (アスモデウス)
Voiced by: Sara Itō
The devil residing deep in Yuidora Mine. She is in fact a fallen seraphim, rank 1 angel.
Leguna Ashys (レグナー・アーシェス)
Wil's childhood friend and senior alchemist. Always cool and collected while helping Wil. He enjoys pushing himself as Wil's rival. Leguna same as a old friend.


Kamidori Alchemy Meister won the Moe Game Award Silver Grand Prize, as well as the gold prize for background music and silver prizes for scenario and user's choice, for fiscal year 2011.[2] In Getchu's user poll for 2011 games, the game placed 1st in the "system" division, 5th in the overall ranking, 13th in music, and 14th in graphics.[3]


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