Kamieniec Castle

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Kamieniec Castle
Kamieniec Castle
LocationKorczyna-Odrzykoń borderlands, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, in Poland
Coordinates49°44′33″N 21°47′10″E / 49.74250°N 21.78611°E / 49.74250; 21.78611Coordinates: 49°44′33″N 21°47′10″E / 49.74250°N 21.78611°E / 49.74250; 21.78611
Architectural style(s)Gothic
Kamieniec Castle is located in Poland
Kamieniec Castle
Location of the Kamieniec Castle in Poland

Kamieniec Castle - a fourteenth-century, Gothic castle ruin and in the sixteenth-century expanded in the Renaissance form.[1] The fortress is located on the borderlands between Korczyna and Odrzykoń in Krosno County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Poland.[2]

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