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Kamiiida Station

The Kamiiida Line (上飯田線, Kamiiida-sen) is a subway line, part of the Nagoya Municipal Subway (名古屋市営地下鉄, Nagoya Shiei Chikatetsu) system in Nagoya, Japan. It runs between two stations, Kamiiida and Heian-dōri, both at Kita Ward, Nagoya. Both stations have automatic platform gates.

The Kamiiida Line's color on maps is pink. Its stations carry the letter K followed by a number. Officially, the line is called Nagoya City Rapid Railway Line 7 (名古屋市高速度鉄道第7号線, Nagoya-shi Kōsokudo Tetsudō Dai-nana-gō-sen). All the stations accept manaca, a rechargeable contactless smart card. The line is essentially an extension of Meitetsu Komaki Line. As such, the two lines have through services.

After the abolishment of Nagoya Municipal Tramway in the 1970s, Kamiiida Station, the terminus of Meitetsu Komaki Line, lost its connection to other railway lines. Users had to walk to Heian-dōri Station or to take a bus. The short, yet long-awaited link line was finally opened in 2003. There is a future plan to extend the line, but the plan is currently[when?] suspended.

Basic data[edit]

  • Operators, distances
    • Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya (Services)
      • Whole the line: 0.8 km / 0.5 mi.
    • Kami-iida Link Line (Tracks)
      • Whole the line: 0.8 km / 0.5 mi.
  • Stations: 2
  • Gauge: 1067 mm / 3 ft. 6 in.
  • Double-track line: Whole the line
  • Electric supply: Whole the line (1500 V DC, overhead lines)
  • Railway signalling: CS-ATC
  • Maximum speed at service: 75 km/h
  • Rolling stock: 7000 series


Number Station name Japanese Total distance Transfers Location
↑ Through service to/from Meitetsu Komaki Line
K01 Kamiiida 上飯田 0 km Meitetsu: Komaki Line Kita Nagoya, Aichi
K02 Heian-dōri 平安通 0.8 km Nagoya Municipal Subway: Number prefix Meijo.PNG Meijō Line (M11)
K03 Akatsuka 1 赤塚 Higashi Nagoya, Aichi
K04 Takaoka 高岳 Nagoya Municipal Subway: Number prefix Sakura-dori.PNG Sakura-dōri Line (S06)
K05 Shinsakae-machi 新栄町 Nagoya Municipal Subway: Number prefix Higashiyama.PNG Higashiyama Line (H11)
K06 Maruta-machi 1 丸田町 Nagoya Municipal Subway: Kanayama Line, Tōbu Line (both planned) Naka
1: The names are tentative.

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