Kamilaroi Highway

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Kamilaroi Highway
New South Wales
Cryon 5.JPG
A small mirage on the Kamilaroi Highway near Cryon.
General information
Type Highway
Length 598 km (372 mi)
Route number(s)
route number
Major junctions
NW end
SE end
Major settlements Brewarrina, Walgett, Cryon, Burren Junction, Wee Waa, Narrabri, Boggabri, Gunnedah, Curlewis, Breeza, Quirindi, Braefield
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The Kamilaroi Highway is a state highway in New South Wales, Australia, running for 620 km from Willow Tree on the New England Highway in central New South Wales in a north-western direction until it reaches Bourke on the Mitchell Highway.[citation needed] . It was formerly signed National Route 37, poorly west of Walgett. This route was replaced by the alpha numeric route number B51 between the New England Highway and Newell Highway, before continuing to Walgett unnumbered. Here at its junction with the Castlereagh Highway it becomes the B76, and continues along the formerly largely unsigned part of National Route 37 towards Bourke and the Mitchell Highway. Its status as a highway is fairly new, having only become State Highway 29 in February 1999, the same point in time that it was named the Kamilaroi Highway.

The Kamilaroi Highway crosses the Bogan River 43 kilometres (27 mi) east of Bourke.[1]

The highway is named after the Kamilaroi Indigenous Australian people who live in the area.[citation needed]

Route attractions and features[edit]

Approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of Boggabri is a spectacular landmark called Gin’s Leap, that was known in the days of Cobb and Co as "The Rock". It is said that a young Aboriginal girl, being pursued by white settlers on horseback, jumped to her death rather than be raped and shot like others in her family.[2]

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