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A Black man with tall hair is wearing a grey t-shirt and black coat; he is looking behind the camera, speaking into a microphone.
Kamini promoting Extraterrien in Feb 2010
Kamini Zantoko
OccupationMusician, screenwriter
Musical career
OriginMarly-Gomont, France
GenresHip hop
Years active2006–

Kamini Zantoko is a Black French musician and screenwriter.

Personal life[edit]

Kamini's father—Seyolo Zantoko—and his family moved from Zaire[1] to Marly-Gomont, France in 1975. They had difficulty assimilating[2] as the first Black people in town. Kamini grew up there, and by summer 2006, was working part-time as a nurse.[3] Seyolo died sometime prior to 2012.[2]


Aspiring to make hip hop music, in 2006 he wrote about Marly-Gomont ("Marly-Gomont"). In his music video, made on a budget of €100 (equivalent to €117 in 2020), he raps "about cows and tractors and soccer" with his friends and fellow villagers. On 30 August, Kamini uploaded the video and cold-emailed promotions to record companies; instead, a t-shirt retailer shared the link online, and by the end of the day, "Marly-Gomont" was a hit. Off the merits of his amateur viral video, Kamini signed with RCA Records in mid-October to publish "Marly-Gomont" and two more albums.[3]

In 2012, Kamini wrote and narrated the autobiographical film The African Doctor (French: Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont, lit.'Welcome to Marly-Gomont') to pay tribute to his father. It was released in 2016, directed by Julien Rambaldi.[2]


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