Kaminoyama-Onsen Station

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Kaminoyama-Onsen Station
JRE ou main line Kaminoyama-onsen station.jpg
Kaminoyama-Onsen Station in August 2007
Location 1 Yarai, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
Coordinates Coordinates: 38°09′08″N 140°16′43″E / 38.152236°N 140.278653°E / 38.152236; 140.278653
Operated by JR East
Line(s) Yamagata Shinkansen, Ōu Main Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 15 February 1901
Previous names Kaminoyama (until 1992)
Passengers (FY2012) 1,673 daily
Kaminoyama-Onsen Station is located in Japan
Kaminoyama-Onsen Station
Kaminoyama-Onsen Station
Location within Japan

Kaminoyama-Onsen Station (かみのやま温泉駅?, Kaminoyama-onsen-eki) is a railway station in Kaminoyama, Yamagata, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East).[1]


Kaminoyama-Onsen Station is served by the Ōu Main Line (Yamagata Line) and the Yamagata Shinkansen. It is 75.0 rail kilometers from Fukushima Station.[2]

Station layout[edit]

Kaminoyama-Onsen Station has a single side platform and a single island platform serving three tracks. The station has a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office.[1]


1  Yamagata Shinkansen for Yamagata and Shinjō
 Yamagata Line for Yamagata and Shinjō
2  Yamagata Shinkansen for Yonezawa, Fukushima, Ōmiya, and Tokyo
 Yamagata Line for Akayu and Yonezawa
3  Yamagata Line for Yamagata and Shinjō
for Akayu and Yonezawa

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Yamagata Shinkansen
Akayu   Tsubasa   Yamagata
Ōu Main Line (Yamagata Line)
Uzen-Nakayama   Local   Mokichi Kinenkan-mae


The station opened on 15 February 1901 as Kaminoyama Station (上ノ山駅?).[2] It was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of JNR on 1 April 1987.[2] Kaminoyama Station was renamed Kaminoyama-Onsen Station on 1 July 1992, coinciding with the opening of the Yamagata Shinkansen.[2] A new station building was completed in June 2004.[citation needed]

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2012, the station was used by an average of 1,673 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[3]

Surrounding area[edit]


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